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The manufacturer Grundig security offers a complete range of cameras and tape recorders of video surveillance called TVI which consists of three lines: Connect, Professional and Top.

Grunding Security TVI

The TVI technology of Grunding Security provides Full HD resolution video and transmits up to 500 meters through coaxial cable, with little or no loss of image quality. It's a network plug-and-play solution, ideal for new or existing infrastructures of coaxial cable.

Grundig TVI cameras are compact, they meet IP66 and incorporate IR Led for night surveillance. Its configuration is done via the menu of the camera on the display panel (OSD), which can be accessed remotely, through the coaxial cable.

This range consists of three product lines, Connect, Professional and Top, you respond to all types of video surveillance applications.

Connect line includes cameras format eyeball and bullet with options of fixed lens of 2,8 and 3,6 mm. with a combination of DSP and sensor designed to reproduce accurate color. The professional line integrates equipment in the same formats as the previous as well as fixed domes. They provide verifocal lens of 2,8 ~ 12 mm, WDR functionality and operation of double shutter 60 FPS.

The Top Line is composed of fixed domes and bullet with 2,8 ~ 12 mm, DC-Iris, Vari-focal lens with fine adjustment and a motorized zoom lens option. They use Exmor, CMOS sensors for low light sensitivity, clear view of night and minimum noise. It also includes a long life, Black led and 16 privacy zones.

Grundig TVI recorders include the Tri-Brid functionality that allows you to automatically detect IP cameras and analog and IP cameras, to be configured in the same unit. The of 4 and 8 channels allow two additional IP cameras, 4 TB of storage and NAS support; They also allow the integrated alarm management. The unit of 16 channel offers up to 16 TB and eSATA support.

This range of video surveillance solutions offers a wide variety of stands and accessories to suit all applications.

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By • 1 Feb, 2016
• Section: Infrastructure, Computer Security, CCTV