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Solutions for the management of biometric identification and authentication of Crossmath complement the offer of products and identification of this multinational services.

HID global biometrics

The acquisition of Crossmath they turn to HID Global in one of the leading suppliers in the world of biometric technologies in fingerprint, with a wide range of products that includes hardware, software and services for the identification and authentication for your customers.

As points out Stefan Widing, President and Chief Executive Officer of HID Global, "incorporate Crossmatch strengthens our leadership in the market for secure IDs, and it will allow us to fulfil the promise of offering biometric tools in identifying applications that are essential to the operation of the companies and institutions".

CrossMatchFounded in 1996 Headquartered in Florida (EE. UU.), CrossMatch has with 270 professionals working in its global network of development centers and strategic sales offices, with solutions focused on the sectors of Government, Defense and commercial.

Crossmatch experience in the area of biometrics in the public sector increases the range of HID in entornors of immigration and border control, security agencies, as well as defence and military markets, with products and solutions that allow, among other functions, the register of detainees, rapid mobile identification, the background check, access to military bases, the fight against terrorism and mobile intelligence gathering, Visa processing and the provision of services to citizens.

CrossMatch, digitalpersonaIn terms of its range of commercial biometrics, This company has a wide range of fingerprint readers, modules, sensors and software for different vertical markets development kits, as retail, financial, Bless you, etc.. To this are added sensors from a single fingerprint to manufacturers of terminals at points of sale (POS), you are integrated with the main applications of this segment software.

With this operation, HID also manages a computer secure authentication solution, called DigitalPersona, It incorporates a series of factors depending on the levels of risk, inter alia, behavioral biometrics, to ensure a safe and uncomplicated access to Windows, applications in the cloud, Web, Mobile and other traditional applications.

Richard Agostinelli, CEO of Crossmatch, He noted his satisfaction "to become part of the family HID. To combat the sophisticated present security threats are necessary innovative and integrated ID management solutions that incorporate both biometric and non-biometric components. "Our management of biometric identification and authentication combined solutions are a perfect complement to the already on its robust range of HID".

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By • 5 Oct, 2018
• Section: Access control, Business, Computer Security