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With Genetec Security Center, the city of Lakeland has integrated its video surveillance and access control systems into a unified, centralized platform that allows, individually, each of the buildings in the city and optimize IP access control.

Genetec Security Center in Lakeland City

Located between Tampa and Orlando, in the city of Lakeland live near 100.000 people and in the surrounding Area of Lakeland-Winter Haven more than 600.000. An area whose community and culture revolves around its 38 lakes and the many parks and leisure centres.

Genetec Security Center in Lakeland CityAlthough different projects had been carried out to maintain the safety of the area, the wide variety of systems made infrastructure unused. This is why it was decided to opt for a robust and reliable IP video surveillance system that would allow to take advantage of the existing fiber infrastructure in the city. The first to seek a solution was the Department of Water Service which opted for the implementation of the video surveillance system Genetec Omnicast.

The city's IT department later initiated a city-wide expansion project to extend the system to other local organizations and improve IP access control in several buildings. The choice was the Genetec Security Center unified security platform, which includes, in the same solution, Video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition systems. The integrator SiteSecure, company acquired by Miller Electric Company, was hired to carry out the installation and maintenance of this project.

Control center

Genetec Security Center in Lakeland CityWhile the city-wide system is constantly evolving, the Security Center is spread over 53 different locations in the city of Lakeland including water facilities, police and firefighters, the town hall, Libraries, park and leisure buildings, public works facilities and the regional airport, among others.

A structure made up of 700 Cameras, which are managed by the Omnicast video surveillance control system; while synergis access control solution monitors more than 450 Doors. All cameras and access control devices are located within the same platform, but the city of Lakeland has implemented a very granular segmentation so that each department has exclusive control of the video and access of its buildings.

“The scalability and flexibility of the Security Center has been optimal. With the new unified platform, we have been able to adapt each application to the needs of each of our organizations", explains Alan Lee, Security and Safety Systems Supervisor, Lakeland City Public Works Facilities.

The city of Lakeland chose network cameras Axis Communications in most places, as well as video encoders from the same manufacturer for analog-to-IP conversion. The V-100 and V-2000 controllers HID Global were selected to manage the 450 doors that are connected to the grid.

Open platform

Genetec Security Center in Lakeland CityOne of the challenges they faced in implementing this unified security platform was that they needed an open architecture that leveraged existing investments to reduce total cost of ownership.

"We have been able to preserve existing analog cameras and also the cable, the power and card technologies of previously installed access control systems in various locations. In this way, we've taken advantage of existing investments”, clarifies Alan Lee.

More than 200 system users have access to the system with specific privileges set according to their different functions, and more than 3.300 cardholders can move freely through the city's buildings.

Designated as 'partition leaders', these are responsible in each department for issuing credentials, change of privileges or access to video. Active Directory feature helps city IT streamline process, providing centralized and synchronized management of user accounts and cards.

With full administrative control over local systems, IT can offer practical, centralized support. “We have become a one-stop shop for the service of our city departments, which saves everyone considerable time. We can update opening times, adjust access control rights and turn cardholders on or off. This helps maintain the operation of our buildings efficiently and safely", Lee clarifies.

With a view to the future, Lakeland is evaluating upgrading all electrical systems and optimizing perimeter protection, possibly unified, Security Center. The city is also making Lakeland Linder Regional Airport a priority in its expansion, to install more access doors and cameras. Also, you're also thinking about implementing the AutoVu license plate recognition solution.

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By • 3 Sep, 2015
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