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Hikvision DF8

Designed for harsh indoor and outdoor environments, IR PTZ cameras Hikvision DF8 capture the details needed to provide forensic evidence after an incident, regardless of weather and lighting conditions.

Hikvision has introduced IR PTZ cameras DF8, a range that is launched with three new models. They incorporate a sensor of 1/1,2 inches with 4K resolution and 42x optical zoom lens. This allows for wide area surveillance with sharp images, even in challenging lighting conditions.

"We designed the new cameras. DarkFighter of the DF8 series to deliver high levels of performance in harsh indoor and outdoor environments", Says John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. “The wind, rain, the fog, heat and darkness won't stop users from capturing the details they need to provide forensic evidence after an incident”.

Several advanced features allow the DF8 series to deliver exceptional performance, even in extremely wide open areas. The largest sensors, including 1/1,2 inches in the DarkFighter of 8 Mp, provide a higher level of detail in the dark.

Gyroscope image stabilization maintains a stable image when there are strong winds or other instability. Smart features include a deep learning algorithm to identify humans, vehicles and other objects, as well as an intelligent quick focus function to quickly and accurately place the camera on a lens. This helps capture critical details by avoiding zoom delays..

Users can count on the long-term reliability of the DF8 series. A built-in glass heater stabilizes the temperature of the chamber, protecting it from low temperatures and fog, extending component life and ensuring accurate images in adverse weather conditions.

DF8 series cameras are suitable for surveillance of wide areas in applications such as rivers and forests, Roads, Railways, Airports, Ports, city parks and squares, scenic areas, stations and all kinds of large spaces.

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By • 9 Nov, 2021
• Section: Video surveillance