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The solution developed by both companies allows system Vectron POS transaction data are linked to the Mobotix IP cameras video data and stored whenever a sale is made.

MOBOTIX Alliance Vectron

Vectron and MOBOTIX they have developed a video solution for shops and facilities of the bakery and gastronomy that allows system Vectron POS transaction data are linked to Mobotix IP cameras video data and be saved whenever one is sale.

This allows to clarify the differences in terminals, increase security in subsidiaries and increase sales through optimized planning of stores based on the Mobotix video analysis tools.

A terminal transaction data are sent continuously as events at a point of sale (POS) a Mobotix camera and are linked intelligently to your recordings. With Mobotix Management Center (MxMC) 1.7, It is possible to search the POS data stored according to individual criteria and show the corresponding documentary image for each result.

Evaluation of video images, saved with encoding, It can be done in the office or from any other MxMC workstations, as for example in the headquarters of the company, through a secure Internet connection.

Box processes can be analyzed, for example, by articles, prices or staff. MxMC shows the camera images related to each transaction and includes relevant search functions in practice. Thereby, conflicting transactions in cash can document and verify safely.

In addition to the use of MxMC, It is also possible to see the most recent transaction directly in the browser of the Vectron POS system. Vectron and Mobotix solution helps clarify the differences in terminals and has also a preventive effect.

Optimization of sales and security

MOBOTIX Q26If the company employs a with MxAnalytics Mobotix hemispheric camera (for example, the Q26), You can have both objects and people and show the corresponding movements by means of a heat map.

This allows retailers to obtain additional specifics of each client, as the duration of their stay, movements in the opposite direction, deviations, very fast movements or access to certain areas.

This information represents an added value for the trade: Thanks to an optimal overview, to the map moves heat and transaction data, retailers can optimize the use of its human resources and the configuration of the store.

In the long run, This solution will increase the safety in subsidiaries, It will help to increase your sales through optimized planning of stores based on video analysis data and minimize costs.

The solution has been developed taking into account the requirements of the new European data protection general regulation, in order to allow merchants an analysis of box that complies with the regulations of data protection.

The solution, that can be used with MxManagementCenter 1.7 or later versions, It is compatible with the Vectron and Mobotix Mx6 cameras from the MX-V5.0.2.14 firmware version plus.

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By • 15 Sea, 2018
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