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The c26 is camera 360° smallest and lightest of the company and is designed to be quickly installed in suspended ceilings. For the wall mounting option is the i26 offering a 15° tilt angle. The p26 is capable of controlling a whole room in a comprehensive way, While the v26 is a vandal-resistant indoor equipment.

MOBOTIX Mx6 interior

MOBOTIX complete your camera line of 6 megapixel Mx6 models inside c26, i26, P26 and v26. These video surveillance solutions incorporate a more powerful processor that provides up to two times more images per second with the same resolution, Thanks to enhanced processing capacity. Video data are available in three formats simultaneously (MxPEG, MJPEG and H.264) and also in different resolutions.

MOBOTIX v26With a diameter of 12 cm and a weight of each 200 grams, the c26 is 360° smallest and lightest of the Mobotix camera. It is designed to be quickly installed in suspended ceilings. In the case of wall mounting, the best option is the i26, just as compact and unobtrusive. Thanks to its angle of inclination of 15 °, It offers a complete view of the room, so it replaces up to four traditional cameras.

The p26 offers maximum versatility thanks to the manual rotation and tilt function and is capable of controlling a whole room in a comprehensive way, If equipped with a 90 ° lens and is installed in a corner.

The v26 also offers all the features of the Mobotix and is the first vandal resistant indoor camera. To provide optimal protection, In addition to standard lenses there is audio for mounting kit on surface and corresponding vandal kits. All interior models are equipped with sensors Moonlight's 6 megapixel and provide clear and detailed videos even with bad lighting conditions (< 1 luxury).

Advanced functions

MOBOTIX i26The Mx6 are more versatile with the RTSP/Multicast functionality, allowing as many users as want simultaneous access to the camera unless it impair your performance. All models are equipped with an intelligent integrated motion detection system and have more capacity for other software applications.

As in Mx6 cameras outdoor, interior models also feature a more powerful CPU and a H.264 encoder. The new architecture of the processor allows you to increase the frequency of video, so it is possible to register rapid movements. Intelligent 3D motion detection system comes built-in serial and there is more capacity in the camera for other software applications.

Thanks to the RTSP/Multicast transfer for entire groups method, the system is more flexible by allowing as many users and wants access to the video stream without the performance drops.
Besides the MxPEG video codec, specially developed for security applications, It ensures compatibility with a standard H.264. Depending on the needs, You can either prioritize good image quality using MxPEG or leaning by the industry standard for transferring video and integrate cameras.

MOBOTIX c26Mx6 cameras offer a range of basic functions of ONVIF, global and open interface standard. This new camera system opens the possibilities of application and integration for partners and end customers.

"Our decentralized concept implies that the same cameras contain the maximum possible intelligence. We will continue faithful to this concept, offering solutions that go beyond the traditional application. At the time, We are open to most commonly used technologies at a general level, como H.264, and to participate in standard forums as ONVIF. They are two approaches that we do not consider that they are contradictory, but allow our offer to advance in line with the future while continuing to focus on solutions", explains Oliver Gabel, Technical Director (CTO) MOBOTIX.

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By • 19 Jul, 2017
• Section: Detection, CCTV