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Developed for four IP connections and with the alarm receiving Center (CRA), This system brings the advantages of video with the possibility of monitoring analysis technology in remote central.

The Compact Mini Daview team of Davantis It combines the advantages of the systems of video analysis of this manufacturer with the possibility of supervision by an alarm on a smaller server receiving Center (DVo4M) and with ease of installation. Furthermore, with the same algorithms of detection the Daview range for day/night cameras.

Developed for small installations (four connections for IP cameras) and available through CCTV Center, the system using Mini Daview alarm management is very simple, bundling its intelligent technology Click Thru, with three simple clicks configures the management of alarms from any point of the installation system.

To ensure a correct implementation of Mini Daview compulsory certification in Davantis is required, that you can get through a free training course three-hour

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By • 16 May, 2017
• Section: Alarms, Control Systems, Detection, CCTV