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The new campaign of the General Directorate of traffic displays, Thanks to the realism of this technology, the harshness of road accidents through three videos in which users, equipped with virtual reality goggles, they can experience firsthand what it means to avoid distractions at the wheel, improve safety and reduce accidents.

The Minister of Inside, Juan Ignacio Zoido, It has been the first to 'live' the tragedy involved in a serious car accident with the help of virtual reality, It is the technological element that stars in new campaign, called 'Your choice', of the General Directorate of traffic (DGT) to improve the safety of drivers on the roads and reduce accidents.

It's a "pioneering initiative in Spain", employing this technology immersive 360 ° in the scope of the road safety to educate users on the responsible use of the vehicle, avoiding distractions that can lead to serious accidents, which currently involve the 30% the deaths at the wheel, According to data of the DGT.

Gaz VR, production company specialized in projects with virtual reality technology, has been responsible for the three videos in 360º that structure the campaign 'You choose' of the DGT, in collaboration with the Department of innovation of Iberdrola.

Users can view three videos of the campaign, available in online platforms and major social networks, with virtual reality goggles or from their mobile device with viewing of spherical shape and be part of this immersive experience.


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By • 2 May, 2017
• Section: Case Studies, Training, Urban Security, Services