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The Secretary of State for Security has signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish company to publish these notices through more than 40.000 Deneva's active emission points in fifty countries.

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Missing persons alerts issued by the National Missing Persons Center (CNDES) del Ministry of the Interior will be disseminated in 40.000 digital information points, located in places of great crowds in fifty countries, thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between the Secretary of State for Security and the Spanish company Icon Multimedia.

With more than 40.000 active emission points, users of the network of screens managed through the digital signage platform Deneva Icon Multimedia will be able to use the platform to broadcast missing persons alerts at airports, railway and metro stations, Bus, Ports, gas stations or shopping malls.

This initiative aims to increase the dissemination of search messages to reach more people who can provide clues, as well as raising awareness and raising awareness of the facts surrounding a person's disappearance. They are all spaces that take on special relevance in the search for people, given the high rate of mobility within these.

CNDES manages notices, alerts and requests for collaboration to the population when State Security Forces and Forces receive a report of a possible disappearance, that are disseminated through its website on the Ministry of the Interior and social media page of the department.

These alerts are queried by millions of social media users, also thanks to the dissemination made by associations and foundations representative of missing persons. Under the collaboration agreement signed with Icon Multimedia, that level of advertising is going to experience considerable expansion.

The Permanent Information and Communication Centre (CEPIC) and CNDES itself will make the warning messages for disappearance, as long as its dissemination is convenient on a case-by-case basis.

Icon Multimedia will be in charge of the distribution of multimedia content through its platform, with a certain duration and frequency, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and ensuring wide and intensive dissemination.

Extensively, because the disappearance alerts are going to be displayed, como se ha descrito anteriormente, en más de 40.000 puntos de emisión en instalaciones con gran afluencia de público de medio centenar de países.

In addition, se podrán visualizar carteles de personas desaparecidas en pantallas de lugares próximos a donde se ha producido la desaparición, an initiative of particular relevance in situations of imminent danger to the physical integrity of the missing person, where the first few hours are essential to be able to locate her alive.

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By • 30 Sea, 2021
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