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The new AI appliance allows to maintain investments in legacy cameras, at the time that brings the Avigilon video and Appearance Search technology analysis.

Avigilon AI Appliance
Avigilon Corporation a device of Artificial Intelligence has joined its portfolio of security solutions (AI Appliance), that adds the video analysis of self-learning and technology Appearance Search to almost any IP camera.

When connecting the Appliance AI with the Avigilon Control Center software (ACC), users can transform into powerful solutions IA legacy camera systems, incorporating automatic alerts of events, potentially critical, and the ability to search and locate a person or vehicle specific in all site.

“The demand for video analysis is increasing around the world and we believe that security systems will need to use this technology to become a proactive and preventive solution. Already the majority of legacy camera systems lacking intelligence analysis, the AI appliance will provide the ability to use advanced video analysis to change the way they interact with their systems”, says James Henderson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Avigilon.

Designed for high performance, capacity and resistance, AI Appliancese will offer two models and CPU and GPU hardware features, that support simultaneously Avigilon video analysis and technology Appearance Search.

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By • 2 Oct, 2018
• Section: CCTV