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Vivotek technology has been used for the implementation of this project, creating a security infrastructure made up of 74 PoE switches, 69 NVR and 1.044 FD8134 cameras, FD8134V,FD8154, FD8161, FD8361, IP8362. All centrally integrated and managed.

Vivotek Innovasport Mexico

Innovasport is a Mexican company that focuses its activity on the marketing of sporting goods: footwear, clothing and accessories. In 2011 undertook an evolutionary change in the brand and has since opted for technology to offer a better shopping experience to its customers. Currently, has open stores in more than twenty cities in the country.

Vivotek FD8154In this commitment to technology and, more specifically, for safety, decided to upgrade its infrastructure and replace CCTV systems (Cctv) by an IP vidovigilance solution, able to provide ongoing oversight of all stores from a single control center. Also, required cameras that were scalable and easy to operate in high definition.

Novalan Computers and Networks was the company chosen for the realization of this security project that chose the mini dome cameras of Vivotek, to respond to customer requirements, because these systems combine high definition resolution with a discreet design that suited the aesthetics of the store. For the most strategic areas opted for a Full HD fixed dome network camera with various audio functions from the same manufacturer.

Thanks to the technology implemented, Innovasport can oversee 69 chain stores, both day and night, locally and remotely, viewing the images clearly and clearly.

With the implementation of this solution, Innovasport has reduced the loss of items, as well as the cost on security devices and resources. Novolan has also pointed out that quality and mobility have been greatly improved in relation to the analogue system that had previously.

Vivotek Innovasport Mexico

Solution implemented

Innovasport has installed in store chain 74 PoE switches, 69 Nvr, And 1.044 FD8134 cameras, FD8134V,FD8154, FD8161, Vivotek's FD8361 and IP8362. The installed infrastructure has also provided great savings in cabling as a single UTP cable has been used for video, Audio, energy and ePTZ movements, with simple setup and management.

NVRs have 15 TB of storage and include the VAST system, so they provide a quick response when monitoring images recorded in real time and those recorded on a single screen. Moreover, Mobility capability allows administrators to manage the entire store structure through mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets.

With this solution, a single person can monitor the store's strategic points from their control center including members of the security corps.

Vivotek Innovasport Mexico

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By • 12 Apr, 2016
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