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Equipped with the new Moonlight sensor of 6 megapixel, MOBOTIX has developed its new p25 with a special light-sensitivity camera to control any situation in inland areas, with a single ceiling mount at a competitive price.


The new camera p25 MOBOTIX It offers high resolution image 6 megapixel and functionality that integrates this manufacturer in their products, as its video management system MxMC, at a competitive price 398 euros.

The function of rotation and manual tilting of the new p25 provide maximum flexibility when installing, with ceiling mount. This model, equipped with a lens 90 degrees and telephoto to provide detailed images 6 megapixel resolution, controls whether an entire room integrally installed in a corner with a single device.

MOBOTIX p25 MxMCHemispheric variant also available, the three models of Mobotix Indoor: I25, C25 and p25 (more details on Digital Security Magazine) have a surface mount kit which allows installation on concrete ceilings, as well as an optional audio package with intercom function comprising microphone and speaker.

Mobotix p25 includes analysis software MxAnalytics, which not only allows people counting, it also records the behavior of the same without additional costs, which is an ideal complement to safety and in-store marketing, museums, etc.. By not requiring an additional computer or licensing costs, this camera offers the end customer a high degree of flexibility and great potential for savings.

MOBOTIX p25 MxAnalitycsThe company has also built into this camera all other features offered in their IP video surveillance devices, MxActivitySensor to avoid as much as 90% false alarms, direct recording in the camera or on the NAS, E-mail alerts, FTP e IP, etc..

Thanks to low power design developed by the German manufacturer, model p25, that is powered by PoE standard, only consumes 4 watts or less and generates, therefore, Minimum energy costs.

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By • 21 Jul, 2015
• Section: To fund, CCTV