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The Dancing Moose Montessori Dance School in Utah, (Us.) has maintained its educational principles, based on improving the relationship between the centre and families in a transparent way, investing in an IP video surveillance solution that allows parents to remotely monitor the classes their children attend without interfering with them.

NEC Display Milestone Axis Dancing-Moose-Montessori

The safety of students, teaching staff and facilities is a key factor for dancing school Dancing Moose Montessori, located in West Valley City in the U.S. city of Utah, although the philosophy of this school is based from its origins on transparency in the relationships of the entire community that make up it.

Under this premise, the school needed a video surveillance system that, in addition to security, fulfill its commitment to transparency with families, in such a way as to make it easier for parents to remotely see and control their children without interrupting classes or feeling self-conscious about installing cameras.

NEC Display Milestone Axis Dancing-Moose-Montessori

The solution to achieve this was obtained from the integrator Stone Security, who bet on the manufacturer's IP video surveillance technology Axis Communications, in open platform video management software (Vms) of Milestone Systems (curiously, both security companies have been acquired a few months apart by Canon), as well as in the visual systems of NEC Display.

Specifically,, the project was structured in the installation of forty Axis network cameras distributed inside the enclosure and some on the outside, managed with Milestone XProtect Express IP software, in addition to two HD monitors 42 NEC Display inches located in the hallways, so that parents and school administrators can see the course of classes without interfering with them.

The Axis cameras chosen by Stone Security inside the school have been the M3006-V models, of 3 megapixels and panoramic viewing, the M3007-PV dome 5 Megapixel, while the outdoors of the venue opted for the 720p P3364-VE HDTV model with Lightfinder technology for low or no lighting conditions.

NEC Display Milestone Axis Dancing-Moose-Montessori

Thanks to the solution adopted by Dancing Moose Montessori, parents have remote direct access to their child's classroom with a simple mouse click, without the distraction that his presence would create in the formative environment, and observe their learning process and relationships with their peers and teachers. In addition, in the corridors of the center itself have two monitors so that both they and the school administrators can observe the schoolchildren and the development of the classes in real time.

For the latter, the networked video surveillance system also allows them to evaluate teachers and the development of each class, to which it is added that its integration with access control efficient management of both safety and other activities in the school.

Jennifer Duffield, CEO of Dancing Moose Montessori, points out that the installation of this solution "has become a great attraction for our school, because parents love the idea of leaving their children here knowing that a simple check-in in the system shows them that their child is fine and participates in classroom activities naturally and safely".

NEC Display Milestone Axis Dancing-Moose-Montessori

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By • 18 Feb, 2015
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