The goal is to offer a smarter way to search, Recover, identify and share video evidence about vehicles.

blankThe technology alliance of Axis Communications With Milestone Systems, together with two of its video analytics application partners (Acap) is to develop a more effective solution in the search for license plates.

The plug-in Axis Optimizer a forensic search makes it easy to search for video tests on milestone xProtect system using ACAP metadata for automatic license plate recognition (Lpr) Swedish company and other suppliers. VMS operators save a lot of time and money by using this serverless solution, camera-based, for different applications on and off the street.

Cameras with built-in LPR analytics provide a wide range of metadata (like the type of vehicle, the brand, color, Etc.), which are then saved as search criteria in the VMS database. Having all these types of data grouped into a single search database of the management software, investigations are faster, simple and efficient.

blankLPR metadata increases the intelligence applied to video search, as it makes it easier to search for specific vehicle metadata in XProtect from Axis License Plate Verifier and also from video analytics and image recognition developed by Vaxtor And FF Group.

All of this data is combined to give XProtect users type-based video search results, the brand, the model, the color and speed of the vehicle; tuition number and country of origin, as well as the date and time of recording the video.

Practical applications of this solution include controlling speed regulations, lane change and traffic lights; traffic management; toll collection; investigations into traffic-related offences and parking security.

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By • 3 Sea, 2020
• Section: Systems control, Business, Services, Video surveillance