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Belonging to Arecont Vision's MegaVideo compact IP camera range, the AV-10115 offers a resolution of up to 10 megapixels thanks to its CMOS sensor to get an optimal image in large installations to recognize every last detail.

Arecont Vision AV-10115DN

The American manufacturer Arecont Vision has expanded its MegaVideo range with the new av-10115 compact network model, currently marketed in the Spanish market by the distributor of security systems Euroma Telecom.

The AV-10115 camera is based on a CMOS sensor 10 Mpx for a maximum resolution of 3,648×2.752 Pixels (7 frames), allowing you to accurately capture any detail by zooming digitally with high day/night image quality, like faces, license plates or small objects, especially suitable for installations and applications where there is a high volume of people, like football stadiums, Concerts, Etc.

Arecont Vision AV-10115DNThanks to the incorporation of the 'bining' technique, this new Arecont Vision model provides high sensitivity to light, with up to 0,21 lux - F1.4, to which is added the Moonlight function to eliminate image noise when there is low brightness with extended exposure controlled.

Arecont AV-10115 offers H-264 and MJPEG compression, with twenty-one levels of adjustment with multistreaming technology. In addition, the bit rate is fully controllable since 100 Kbps a 10 Mbps and has a very sensitive professional motion video, with more than 1.024 detection areas. The system is marketed with housing versions for outdoor use as well as for surface dome or for recessing.

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By • 22 Oct, 2014
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance