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The new technology AHD (analog high definition, its Anglo-Saxon acronym), developed by Nextchip is especially suitable for installations of safety which have conventional analog cameras and need to expand the system little by little and without additional costs.

Nextchip AHD Euroma

Developed by the Korean manufacturer of components Nextchip, represented in Spain by Euroma, AHD technology is an open system that allows sending analog signals HD or Full HD (7201 p 080p) through coax and UTP.

This hybrid system, the system supports conventional analogue cameras and AHD in the same computer, so customer can use their old devices and to gradually expand. The advanced system of y/c separation and signal filtering technology allow the image captured by devices have an effective noise reduction.

Camtronics IRCAM-AH150 EuromaAHD technology does not require special cables, Since it is compatible with coaxial cable (RG) and twisted pair cable (UTP), transmission of up to 500 meters.

The company Camtronics, whose products also sold Euroma in the Spanish market, It has models of cameras for AHD technology, as DM-AH100, IRCam, AF150 and IRCam AH-150, with 1,3 megapixelex, resolution of 720 to 960, infrared lighting and level of protection IP66, that allow to visualize as analog conventional making the change in the OSD.

Furthermore, the digital recorder VR35AHD of four inputs, that supports real-time recording of cameras AHD, as well as VGA and HDMI display with Full HD. This system also operates with cloud technology, It offers easy access to the recorder without open ports, as well as with the main mobile operating (IoS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc.) to perform monitoring remotely.

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By • 16 June, 2015
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