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The five security miniboxes Madrid City Council wants to test the pilot project with municipal police, AxonBody the Taser model are held on the shoulders of their uniforms, have already started operating in special operations or riskier.

Municipal Police Taser AxonBody MadridOfficials of the Municipal Police of Madrid carrying mini-cameras and five security on the shoulders of their uniforms, as part of a pilot project initiated by the city of Madrid to test its effectiveness in the work of this local body, a year-long.

These mini cameras test and rented by the consistory Madrid, are of the brand AxonBody Taser using other security, as happens with urban police in London, where about five hundred devices being tested in the first phase. In color and black one-piece, this device may behave in various parts of uniform (shirt, belt, etc.) and in this case shall be placed on the pad of the locals agents.

Municipal Police Taser AxonBody MadridThe Taser AxonBody model has a lens that offers a viewing angle of 130 ° and has 33 hours of battery life to record and transmit images and sound continuously, even in low light conditions.

In the event that the police forget to activate, this safety device automatically records images and sound for thirty seconds, which provides clear evidence if an attack occurs.

Municipal Police Taser AxonBody Madrid

This device, that currently use five officers in special operations or riskier, incorporates a 3G module and SD card to record sounds and images in such interventions, transmitted in real time to the control center security. Is the material, graphic and sound, will serve as proof of policing if attacks occur or if errors are detected during operation.

Previously, the local cop who carries one of these devices should be identified in the firewall where the recordings are stored and where it will be registered for precise and accurate control of the charge and location. The recordings will be stored in a very restricted and guarded access server for a period of seven days if they are not claimed by the judicial authority or the agents themselves.

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By • 16 Jul, 2014
• Section: Case Studies, FEATURED CASE STUDY, Urban Security, Services, CCTV