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The TVS-x71 series of Qnap Systems offers a storage solution for high-performance monitoring images in video surveillance applications in real time.

Qnap TVS - x 71

Together with a full suite of business applications and virtualization capabilities, TVS-x71 series of Qnap Systems QvPC incorporates technology that allows the NAS be used as a budget PC, because it allows direct access to stored data, and monitoring images in live video surveillance applications.

The Qnap Turbo TVS-x71 series supports professional Vnas 10GbE networks and offers a storage solution for high-performance video playback 4K, transcoding and video editing in real time.

Qnap TVS - x 71The QvPC Qnap technology incorporates numerous technologies such as VM integration, multimedia transcoding, HDMI output, cloud compatibility and connection technologies NAS. Connecting a keyboard, a mouse and an HDMI display, models of TVS-x71 series become a substitute for a PC to directly access data stored, run multiple applications on virtual machines based on Windows, Linux, Unix and Android, Browse with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, enjoy videos with up to 4K 7,1 XBMC audio channels or monitor live streams in the Surveillance Station.

Qnap TVS - x 71This family is available in different models tower 4, 6 and 8 bays running the latest processor Intel Haswell, including Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. These processors offer high performance with data throughput over 2.300 MB / s and 135.000 Iops for resource-intensive tasks from the CPU, in addition to serving a large number of simultaneous connections.

All models incorporate a Flash memory 512 MB, 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with support for Link Aggregation Control Protocol, additionally you can install an expansion card to add more Gigabit ports or port 10GbE. Also included in the back 2 USB ports 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0.

With these solutions you can enjoy 4K video via an HDMI connection without impacting the performance of other applications in the NAS. With Intel HD Graphics Card, Series TVS-x71 provides optimal video transcoding 4K (H.264) and 1080p in real time.

Compatibility with Windows AD, LDAP Directory Services and Windows ACL improves the efficiency of the permissions settings. The TVS-x71 series can also act as a domain controller for Windows, provides solutions copies flexible security for Windows and Mac, and disaster recovery solutions, including RTRR, rsync backup and cloud storage.

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By • 30 Jan, 2015
• Section: Communications, Control Systems, Networks, Computer Security, CCTV