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Samsung Techwin's strategy revolves around the open platform WiseNetIII, which is the core of its latest developments. Joanne Herman, Director of Marketing Division Security Solutions Samsung Techwin Europe, in this interview explains the benefits of IP networks and why now is the time to migrate to this new technology.

Joanne Herman Samsung Techwin

The open platform is the core WiseNetIII new IP video surveillance solutions Samsung Techwin. A family which offers complete freedom to choose the most suitable combination of video analysis, that can be installed directly into the camera and allows you to use video management software (VMS) that best meets every need. As explained Joanne Herman, Director of Marketing Division Security Solutions Samsung Techwin Europe, this is the key of the new philosophy of the company and understand how to design the IP video surveillance today, and future.

Why Samsung Techwin offers customers such a different way of using video over IP networks?

In such a difficult economic environment like this, businesses and organizations want, as it is understandable, that their investment in video surveillance systems offer them the highest possible long-term benefits, and our product development strategy revolves around this principle. End users want to buy a solution that not only meets the needs of today but also follow them useful in the future siéndoles; namely, you can expand and integrate new technologies enable the next few years..

There are many other manufacturers of CCTV cameras and recorders also claim their products are flexible and scalable, and are prepared for the future. Why include the Samsung IP solutions over other?

For the innovative capabilities of the open platform DSP WiseNetIII, which is the heart of the latest cameras and domes we have developed.

Samsung SNV-6013In the software industry the term is widely used open platform. How is the term applied to the DSP of your cameras?

We believe it offers a powerful change, in that it is a truly open platform, that allows users to easily install applications and make them work on any camera or dome WiseNetIII.

And why would customers do?

Maybe intelligent video analytics is one of the best examples to see how you can improve the performance of a camera by using applications. Also, processing power of the DSP WiseNetIII offers our customers complete freedom and flexibility to choose the application of intelligent video analysis that best suits your needs.

Within a year or so we will look back and be amazed of the many applications that have introduced. De facto, already a large number of video-based applications.

In retail, for example, users can use an application of video analytics AgentVI, designed to provide data to the marketing department on customer behavior in stores and also produces hot maps so you know which areas are the busiest Store, per hour or day of the week, in order to identify where promotions place or relocate if necessary lower turnover products. It is also possible to collect data to analyze the time customers spend in line to pay.

This information is useful for store managers, allowing them to identify the number of boxes that must be open to ensure that the timeout does not adversely affect the customer experience.

Similarly, security personnel responsible for the critical points, You can use the application of video analysis Foxstream, that is ideal for perimeter protection where there is a need to have a high performance solution that detects and continue to be thieves and criminals.

Samsung Techwin SNO-7084RIt's really easy to install an application on our cameras. Once the camera is connected to the network, installers and operators only have to download the application of your choice using the browser camera.

All models 1,3 MP, 2 MP and 3 MP range of cameras and domes WiseNetIII network are extremely easy to install and configure, Like all our network recording devices plug-and-play. However, We are convinced that the capabilities will open WiseNetIII DSP platform which will have a major impact on the demand for video surveillance solutions based on IP networks and opportunities that generate significant sales growth for our business partners, installers and system integrators.

Can users install more than one application at a time in the DSP WiseNetIII?

One of the main features is that it allows DSP WiseNetIII use multiple applications at once, as people counting and cloud storage, which is a clear advantage over the competition chipsets, only allow you to load and use a single application.

Do WiseNetIII Samsung Techwin models are compatible with leading video management software from third?

This is another very important aspect of the nature of the open platform DSP WiseNetIII as it is very easy to integrate with virtually any software package video management. We continue to work unceasingly in our integration program, that provides support and also with a large number of video management software (VMS) as Genetec, Milestone, Axxon, Ipronet, Exacq and Seetec.

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By • 17 June, 2014
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