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The updated version of iPOLiS Mobile application enables remote access to live images in HD, either a smartphone or a tablet, much easier way, at the time that prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Samsung Techwin iPoLis Mobile v2-6

Among the benefits as Samsung Techwin He has joined the iPOLiS Mobile application v2.6 is the monitoring of remote and direct form of multiple HD cameras in different locations, with the news that now is no longer necessary to access the images through a recording device.

Para Tim Biddulph, Head of product and marketing at Samsung Techwin Europe, "the iPOLiS Mobile application is safe and intuitive. Also, It has allowed us to add the function of 'Favorites', We are sure that you will be very popular among security personnel. A clear advantage of this function is, for example, that loss prevention or security principals can add to your Favorites Chambers of those shops that need to do a more exhaustive monitoring".

Samsung-Techwin-iPOLiS-MobileVersion 2.6 iPOLiS Mobile is also compatible with audio and domes and Samsung Techwin IP network cameras, including PTZ models. In addition to be able to monitor live images, the new version allows authorized users to access SD cards cameras, the DVR or NVR to find and play recordings of any incident.

Users, that you have the option of displaying your favorite camera and DVR and NVR profiles in a quadrant format, They also have the ability to switch easily between the recorded in multiple cameras and recorders and live images.

This free and simple configuration application you can download from iTunes and Google Play. The autodetect feature allows you to search new devices in a simple way so that users can see the images from the cameras desired WIFI connection, 3G or 4G.

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By • 30 Oct, 2015
• Section: Control Systems, Services, CCTV