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A year ago it was announced that the company had become part of the Hanwha Group, now the operation is completed with this strategic step. Hanwha Techwin will maintain the Samsung brand for the commercialization of its solutions.

Samsung WiseNetIII

From the past 1 April, Samsung Techwin Europe is operating under the legal name of Hanwha Techwin Europe. As we already published in Digital Security Magazine, at the end of 2014 the South Korean multinational became part of the capital of Samsung Techwin after selling its shares.

Months later, Samsung Techwin announced that in Korea it would change its name to Hanwha Techwin, but that in Europe will continue to operate as Samsung Techwin Europe Limited and the Samsung brand for products. Today they have gone a step further and the denomination has also been extended to the Old Continent.

Samsung Beyond Series"A year ago we announced that the company had become part of the Hanwha Group.. Now we change our corporate name, maintaining our innovation, product quality and reliability, as we have done so far", says Bob Hwang, President of Samsung Techwin Europe.

Hanwha Techwin will maintain the Samsung brand in its solutions that include the WiseNetIII megapixel cameras, as well as new models from the WiseNet Lite range. The new WiseNet HD+ cameras and DVRs (high definition analog) make it possible for users of analogue infrastructures to enjoy the benefits of high definition.

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By • 8 Sea, 2016
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