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In strategic places in the Turkish city of Izmir have been installed cameras Samsung SNP - 6320 H PTZ Dome to support road safety system, In addition to allowing you to monitor public transport and emergency services vehicles.

Samsung surveillance Ayto Izmir

Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey with 2,9 millions of inhabitants, has installed cameras in Samsung Techwin in support of its adaptive system of control and traffic optimization. This system offers an integrated management in real time that allows to reduce bottlenecks and increase road safety.

Samsung surveillance Ayto IzmirIn points strategic of the city will have installed the cameras SNP-6320 H of Samsung. Team Dome PTZ high speed that incorporates optical zoom of 32 increases and offers high-definition images to support other field devices such as detectors, transmitters, traffic signs and control devices.

This solution allows you to measure the volume of traffic at intersections and adjust traffic lights in real-time to reduce bottlenecks.

SNP - 6320 H domes with automatic tracking (Auto Tracking) they are weather resistant and are equipped with heating powered by PoE + in order to withstand the extremely low temperatures. There are also digital image stabilization, that fixes the effects produced by vibration.

Samsung SNP-6320The images that capture of domes SNP - 6320 H is recorded on the SRN-4000 network recorders from 64 Samsung Techwin channels.

These NVR recorded and played at the same time multiple flows of images with bandwidth of 400 MB / sg and are equipped with a large capacity of storage, Thanks to its 12 internal hard drives (hot swappable). Its dual power supplies provide this solution a great reliability.

The images that the cameras recorded are transmitted to a control room and citizens can see online, on television and in social networks.

The PTZ high-speed SNP - 6320 H Samsung are also contributing to the city of Izmir to monitor public transport and emergency services vehicles.

Samsung Techwin SRN-4000In total 1.500 Bus, 100 ambulances and 164 fire trucks will communicate wirelessly with the signalized intersections and their movements will be supervised with the help of these domes, as an integral part of a system of priority traffic.

Adaptive control and optimization of the traffic system has been implemented by EDS Elektronik, Samsung distributor, in association with Mavi Güvenlik.

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By • 13 Nov, 2015
• Section: Case Studies, Data Center, MAIN FOCUS, Urban Security, CCTV