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Veracity and Samsung Techwin have developed this integrated network video surveillance solution that does not require a server or NVR recording device, which also supports audio, metadata and video.

Samsung Techwin and Veracity Coldstore Trinity

The technological collaboration between Samsung Techwin And Veracity has resulted in the Trinity solution, that benefits from the processing power of open platform cameras (Open Platform) WiseNet III of the first, and allows multiple applications to run simultaneously, as Coldstore, the direct storage system of the second.

With the joint development of Trinity, users benefit from a robust and scalable system that does not require a server or network recording device (Nvr). In addition, supports audio, metadata and video, and offers innovative features such as camera-level switching in the event of failure and recoverability from network outages.

Samsung Techwin and Veracity Coldstore TrinityThe result of all this is that customers achieve significant savings in software licenses and hardware costs. (Nvr), which are normally incurred when it is necessary to have a recording system based on IP networks. In addition, with a Coldstore storage system up to 120 Tb, that consumes only 60 Watts, it is possible to save up to one 90% of power compared to conventional server storage solutions, allowing the user to benefit from the environmental subsidies of the European Union.

Veracity CEO Alastair McLeodAccording to Alastair McLeod, CEO of the Veracity Group (in the attached image), "WiseNet III cameras save videos directly to disk. Trinity architecture allows Samsung's WiseNetIII cameras to record directly in Coldstore and provides users with the recovery and viewing of recorded images using our Trinity player. Although the most remarkable thing is that it can be done through any PSIM or video management system (Vms) of third parties that incorporate our SDK, very easy to implement".

Coldstore hard drive storage pools are increasingly specified for large video surveillance installations or projects, where recordings need to be kept for long periods of time, since they have a large storage capacity and low energy consumption.

This storage system "has been designed from the ground up to greatly increase disk reliability. With the recent launch of Coldstore Compact, Trinity is also suitable for systems with a smaller number of cameras.", underlined from this company.

Samsung Techwin Dan EnglandFor its part, Dan England, technology partner manager at Samsung Techwin Europe, "Our technicians have worked closely with the Veracity team to ensure users can squeeze the most out of Trinity's benefits.. Recording and storing metadata directly in Coldstore is especially important because our customers run, Increasingly, applications on WiseNet III cameras to collect and analyze data using a variety of specialized video analytics solutions".

This solution also offers operations managers the possibility to obtain valuable information for the management of their projects., in order to improve efficiency in areas as important as process control, occupational safety and health, marketing and human resource management. In addition, increases the responsiveness of security personnel to act quickly and effectively in the face of any potential security threat.

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By • 10 Nov, 2015
• Section: Deep down, Infrastructure, Video surveillance