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The surveillance cameras SD8314E, SD8324E, SD8326E SD8316E and have been designed by Vivotek as part of its online Supreme. A dome of high-speed network for indoor and outdoor equipment.

Vivotek SD8314E, 324E, 316E, 326It

The dome camera line high-speed network of Supreme Vivotek has been expanded with four new teams: SD8314E, SD8324E, SD8316E and SD8326E. A video surveillance systems that offer a 18x optical zoom lens / 36x and are able to capture high image.

As the new generation of dome cameras high-speed network SD8363E, launched last August by Vivotek, them models SD8314E / 24E / 16E / 26E are designed with advanced features, including an IP66 and NEMA-4X enclosure, a mechanism of horizontal / vertical movement and a sophisticated integrated automatic tracking feature.

Its housing IP66-4X / Nema protects against rain, dust and corrosion, over a temperature range from -40 ° to 55 ° C, and ensures stable operation in extreme weather conditions and hazardous environments. With the swivel and tilt auto tracking function built, these Vivotek cameras are able to accurately capture the movement at an angle of 360 degrees inclined at 220 degrees. Also, these teams instantly react to suspicious objects in motion over large areas.

Moreover, WDR Pro technology including ensuring image quality in conditions of extreme light, subsequently ensuring good visibility in high-contrast. Also, are equipped with removable IR filter to maintain clear images throughout the day.

The SD8314E / 24E / 16E / 26E cameras are ideal for use in large indoor and outdoor areas such as airports, ports and stadiums.

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By • 16 Dec, 2013
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