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German manufacturer Mobotix AG has available on the M15 market, a new network video surveillance platform based on its recent five-megapixel resolution technology.

Mobotix M15Mobotix AG has developed another new network video surveillance camera platform, named M15, based on its recent five-megapixel image resolution technology.

The M15 system also incorporates two interchangeable five-megapixel sensor modules (identical to the modules of the S15 camera) and is based on this manufacturer's decentralized technology, that allows users to benefit from low costs and savings in management and network resources.

For the founder and CEO of Mobotix AG, Ralf Hinkel, "The M15 camera features Mobotix's latest video surveillance technology and continues the track record of success started thirteen years ago with the M1 model and continued with the M10 and M12 cameras. Thanks to the technique, as a product range concept, and design, M15 is the result of a unique collaboration between the end user and Mobotix".

In this sense, the development of this new video surveillance device responds to the needs demanded by end customers and partners: "the first ones," Hinkel explains- give special importance to a dynamic platform that can be adapted to your current and future needs, and the latter mainly want a platform for many different applications".

Mobotix M15Thanks to the use of five-megapixel sensors, users get photosensitivity more than four times higher across all their apps. In addition, the new sensor technology offers a video frequency of up to 30 images per second and a zoom a 27% higher in color sensors and above the 200% black and white.

"It's important to note that the M15 is a day and night camera and not just for day or night only," says Mobotix CEO. The difference between these concepts is huge, since the sensor modules of the M15 can provide after configuration always a simultaneous day and night shot, something vital with weak enlightenment or in the dark".

The new M15 is IP66 certified and has been successfully tested in a range of temperatures -30 To 60 degrees Celsius; it also doesn't need additional cooling or heating, but just a special casing.

"Users can install our new camera platform literally wherever they want. The M15 camera platform requires some 5 watts to be fully functional and for users to save costs and energy", says Ralf Hinkel.

An added advantage of this camera platform is that it is also equipped with the new MxActivitySensor technology for intelligent motion analysis, which significantly reduces false alarms.

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By • 16 Jul, 2013
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance