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QNAP Security, company dedicated to providing professional solutions for IP video surveillance, has announced the integration of its network video recorders (NVR) VioStor network cameras with fixed dome type 'fisheye' FE8172/72V manufacturer Vivotek IP surveillance solutions, equipped with a CMOS sensor 5 megapixel resolution and a fisheye lens for 360 ° surround view.

QNAP Security has announced that its VioStor NVR series is among the first VMS platforms supporting the camera type 'fisheye’ FE8172/72V two 5 Megapixels Vivotek. The intuitive navigation tool for VioStor NVR allows users QNAPSecurity applying digitally zoom in the areas of image hemispheric both live viewing and playback. Users can also view a complete scene without distortion or obstruction – while simultaneously displaying multiple views without distortion and independent from a camera FE8172/72V.

QNAP VioStor NVR is a professional surveillance system incorporating hardware and software designs of the first generation that provides monitoring and performance unrivaled video recording in real time. With a powerful processor E3 Quad-core Intel Xeon, VioStor the modern model offers superb performance at a rate of return 450 Mbps to ensure stable recording from multiple megapixel cameras, RAID storage features to protect critical data.

For his part, the FE8172/72V of Vivotek camera is supplied with a CMOS sensor 5 Megapixel resolution that enables visualization 1920×1920 ó 1080 p con hasta 30 FPS (frames per second) through a lens type "fisheye’ of 1,05 mm for one panoramic 180 ° view inclusive of the 360 ​​°. The camera can provide broader coverage with the finest details for excellent shooting surveillance images. The IP8172P Vivotek camera is also supported for those looking box camera with focus assist button to allow users to adjust the camera focus accurately. Combining Vivotek and QNAP RAID only provides secure storage and processing power supreme megapixel, but also enables the visualization of 360 degrees and significantly expands the field of view without blind spots.

Tracking open areas

Harry Hu, President of VIVOTEK USA, noted: “There is a huge potential for solutions 360 degrees cover open areas like, for example, airports, shoppings centers, parking areas, stores retail market and Offices. Deep integration of QNAP allows visualization features impressive technology 'fisheye’ Vivotek and also helps in capturing HD video with robust and reliable storage, generating effective solutions proven to support monitoring projects of medium to large scale.”

While, Shawn Zhu, Product Manager of QNAP Security, has declared: “Applications and security solutions currently, solutions 360 degrees became critical components. People want to visualize your surroundings without any obstacles or blind spots. Combined with the intuitive interface of VioStor NVR, the FE8172/72V Vivotek camera provides full awareness of the situation.”

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By • 28 Nov, 2012
• Section: Computer Security, CCTV