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On this rostrum, Rafael Martín, Genetec Sales Director for Southern Europe, It gives the keys to make the best option when choosing a system that helps monitor and manage images in a video surveillance infrastructure.

As Organizations Upgrade Legacy Surveillance Cameras with New IP-Based Models, They are faced with the decision of how to best monitor and manage images. The two main options are network video recorders (Nvr) and the Video Management Systems (Vms).

Choosing the right option depends on the needs of the environment: Factors including the number of cameras, The Budget, how the video system is currently used and how it could be used in the future.

The Nvr They are simple devices that connect to a few cameras over a network and are designed to record and store video from networked cameras. On the other hand, The Vms are software applications that allow you to monitor and manage many IP cameras from any location, offering advanced functionalities such as real-time notifications, integration with other security systems and customization through APIs.

Among the advantages of NVRs are their easy setup and low cost, But they are limited in functionalities and may require technical assistance to maintain cybersecurity. On the other hand, VMSs offer a wide range of advanced features, but they are more expensive and complex to install.

Considerations for choosing between VMS or NVR

The right choice depends on several factors, Like the budget, Complexity, Functionality and scalability. To help in this process, There are a few specific questions to consider before making a decision.

For deployments with less than 32 Cameras in one location, an NVR might be the best option. However, if you have a larger number of video devices or multiple locations to secure, a VMS is probably the right choice. In addition, There's a third option in the form of all-in-one devices, As Genetec Streamvault, offering a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution for smaller locations, while maintaining the advanced functionalities of a VMS.

Whether video surveillance is needed to investigate random events or maintain surveillance over specific areas, an NVR can meet those basic needs. However, If we're talking about multiple operators monitoring live video 24 hours of the day or advanced search and investigation capabilities are needed, a VMS will offer better functionalities.

NVRs typically provide limited storage capacity, while VMSs allow you to select and build servers to meet video retention requirements. In addition, VMSs offer the flexibility to add servers or expand with cloud storage as needed.

NVRs can have limitations when it comes to integrating with devices from different vendors, while VMSs offer an open architecture that allows integration with a variety of systems and devices.

VMSs offer a wide range of tools and features to make video management easier, making them ideal for multi-carrier environments and advanced monitoring needs.

Advanced VMSs are designed with cybersecurity and privacy at their core, offering multiple layers of defense and tools to protect video and data. They are ideal for environments that can grow and change over time, offering scalability and flexibility to adapt to new needs and requirements.

If you're still unsure about investing in an NVR or VMS, All-in-one devices offer a middle ground option. For example, Genetec Streamvault provides a pre-configured, scalable solution that combines the ease of use of an NVR with the advanced capabilities of a VMS, offering the best option for an organization's electronic security needs.

In conclusion, the choice between an NVR and a VMS plays a crucial role in an organization's e-security strategy. By carefully considering the above factors and answering the questions raised, Organizations can find the most appropriate solution tailored to their specific business needs. Video surveillance.

Rafael Martin, Sales Director of Genetec South EuropeRafael Martín

Sales Director Genetec Southern Europe




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