Bosch at Vancouver Airport

The solution installed at the airport uses two Flexidome cameras of Bosch Inside the security lobby area. These support two output relays and are programmed with Intelligent Video Analytics Pro to detect if multiple people or one with a large object enters the area.

Bosch at Vancouver AirportThe Vancouver International Airport (YVR) focuses on serving its passengers, Partners, Workers and community through digital modernization, Climate leadership, Reconciliation and financial sustainability. As part of these efforts, Safety and security are a priority.

The airport has strict regulations for access to security restricted areas. Doors to secure areas remain closed and access is restricted to authorized personnel only.

For example, to access from a public area to a restricted baggage handling area, Authorized personnel must enter through a security lobby with a system designed to verify that each person entering has presented their access credentials before unlocking the second door.

Bosch at Vancouver Airport

This safeguard has existed for many years; However, YVR sought to replace existing technology with a modern solution that more accurately detects the presence of multiple people and large objects, while reducing maintenance requirements and costs.

The new solution uses two Flexidome cameras inside the security lobby area. These support two output relays and are programmed with Intelligent Video Analytics Pro (Pro VAT) to detect multiple people or one with a large object entering the area.

Custom scripts, a feature of Bosch cameras, allow the solution to be tailored to the exact requirements of access to the YVR security restricted area.

A person presenting their credentials at the first door and entering the area will not produce an analytical alarm; They can continue through the second door by presenting their credentials on the reader at that door. If two people enter the area at the same time, IVA Pro will detect the person who is very close, will trigger an alert to the airport security operations center that runs Genetec Security Center and a relay will be started that prevents the second door from opening.

Bosch at Vancouver Airport

Similarly, If a person with an oversized item, Like a cart, Enter the area, The scan will detect the oversized item and activate the relay to prevent the second door from opening.

This detection is designed to deter an individual from attempting to hide another person from the camera's view. Bosch video analytics integration with Genetec Security Center enables real-time alerts and custom event-to-action rules for immediate notification of any detections

The YVR team conducted a proof-of-concept solution to ensure its accuracy and reliability for several months. Take advantage of the AI-based video analytics Provides the accuracy needed for detections, and the use of video-based detection also improves the overall effectiveness of the solution, as it provides a visual record of the events within the lobby.

The team is now in the process of implementing the solution in the remaining areas of the security lobbies in the airport terminals.

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By • 13 Jun, 2024
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