Genetec in Eindhoven

This city in the Netherlands has centralized the management of the city-wide surveillance system and has transferred responsibility for these cameras to the law enforcement department and, to do that, has installed the digital evidence management tool Genetec Clearance.

Eindhoven ha implementado la herramienta de gestión de evidencias digitales Genetec Clearance to improve the way vital video evidence was requested and shared with law enforcement authorities during incident investigations. Speed, Reliability and privacy were the key components of the decision to adopt this solution.

This is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands. With a long history of innovation, It is a pole of innovation in which technology plays a fundamental role. As the city continues to push its legacy of technology and design, The authorities have embarked on a new project: The update of the City Public Safety Camera Network.

"In the past, the Eindhoven Police Department was responsible for overseeing the network of 35 Camcorders of the city. More recently, we have centralized the management of the surveillance system throughout the city and have transferred the responsibility for these cameras to the law enforcement department", explains Ton Plompen, Law Enforcement Team Leader.

To ensure smooth management and operations, They needed a new, intelligent platform. The answer has been obtained in Genetec Clearance, que permite que las autoridades puedan localizar, compose and share video recordings with the police easily and securely.

“Now we're saving a lot of time. With Genetec Clearance, cooperation with the National Police has improved and become more efficient, and the platform is very simple”, notes Ton Plompen, Team Leader of the City of Eindhoven.

As cloud-based software, Clearance was able to quickly integrate with Eindhoven's existing systems. All recording requests are now centralized and managed in one place.

Authorized users can use any browser-enabled device to review videos and evidence. Clearance offers the latest encryption standards for data privacy, ensuring that all tasks are performed safely.

An audit trail is generated on who has had access to which images and when. Los periodos de retención automatizados mejoran el cumplimiento de las políticas de la organización.

"With Genetec Clearance, it is possible to Digitize End-to-End The Request Flow, Creating and sharing digital evidence quickly and securely, guaranteeing the chain of custody of the evidence and reducing to a minimum the time necessary to carry out the entire process, improving operational efficiency and mitigating human error in the process. Also, provides the video editing tools necessary to anonymize evidence by masking the faces of subjects unrelated to the purpose of the evidence", explica Jordi Charles Rodríguez, account executive of Genetec Southern Europe.

Since the city authorities were already using Genetec Security Center to manage your existing camera network, They knew they had the flexibility to add new features and modules or integrate third-party systems.

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By • 17 Jun, 2024
• Section: Infrastructure, Networks, Urban security, Video surveillance