Genetec Security Center SaaS

The e-Security-as-a-Service solution (Saas) of Genetec Gives businesses the freedom to choose cameras, Door controllers and devices best suited to protect your business.

Available through the global network of Certified Partners Genetec, The enterprise-grade software-as-a-service solution Security Center SaaS offers organizations a sustainable environment scalable, Open and unified Combining access control, video management, Forensic Search, Intrusion Monitoring, automation, among other security functions.

Michel Chalouhi, Vp. Genetec Global Sales, notes that "the electronic security industry has been waiting for a enterprise-grade offering that can be deployed in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment based on customers' needs. Security Center SaaS doesn't just fill this important gap in the market, it redefines the possibilities of cloud-based electronic security".

Thanks to its open architecture, Security Center SaaS gives organizations the ability to Choosing the cameras, Door Controllers & Devices that best suit your business. It also has forensic search tools to simplify and speed up investigations.

Specifically,, These tools extract crucial information from the rich metadata that devices edge connected to the system have collected. The information is presented in a Unique and intuitive user interface, which facilitates and speeds up decision-making processes.

Security Center SaaS also incorporates powerful and comprehensive Systems Management Tools that make it easy for channel partners to set up, provisioning and deploying complex, distributed enterprise systems at scale.

From quotes to customer delivery, Security Center SaaS helps resellers and installers effectively manage and monitor all their Security Center SaaS projects, regardless of size.

Axis Cloud Connect Camera Station

Collaboration with Axis

In addition to an open portfolio of video surveillance cameras from various manufacturers, Security Center SaaS Leverages Newly Announced Solution Axis Cloud Connect and your networked door controller Powered by Genetec.

Thanks to years of collaboration with Axis, Security Center SaaS enables customers to cOnectar, Securely register and manage devices in a variety of deployment options, including direct video streaming, Metadata and access control data from the computer to the cloud.

Both Axis' Cloud Connect and Powered by Genetec offer users a complete enterprise-grade deployment of Network access control and video technologies, Designed to work seamlessly across hybrid and cloud environments, as well as locally.

Easy to install and maintain, these Axis appliances enable Security Center SaaS customers to deploy a unified cloud-ready facility quickly and reliably.

Security Center SaaS can be purchased through Two subscription plans: One per year per device connection (door controllers, Cameras, Intercoms, intrusion panels, Etc.) or in video packages, including software and camera connections.

The latter offer the option eight or twenty camera connections (With 8 And 20 TB of storage, Respectively), The Security Center SaaS software and the Genetec Cloudlink appliance 310, that allows any device that is not cloud-ready to easily connect to the Genetec service.

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By • 6 May, 2024
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