Axis Powered by Genetec

This new technological alliance integrates the door controls of Axis Communications with access control software from Genetec to offer a single, easy-to-install solution, Maintenance and scalability.

Powered by Genetec It is the industry's first enterprise-grade access control offering to combine Synergis Access Control of Genetec with the Axis A1210 and A1610 network gate controllers, An easy-to-implement all-in-one solution, Low maintenance and scalable, offering Cybersecurity For End Users and System Integrators.

"We share a trusted partnership with Axis, Based on a long history of collaboration and development, he explains. Michel Chalouhi, Vp. of Genetec's global sales. We are proud to work as a lead partner in our new Powered by Genetec program, with the common goal of offering powerful and creative solutions adapted to the needs of customers, como esta sofisticada tecnología de control de accesos de nivel empresarial que se presenta en una oferta racionalizada y fácil de adquirir e implantar”.

With inventory available worldwide and offered exclusively through the Genetec Certified Channel Partner Network, Integrators will benefit from easy-to-install hardware preloaded with advanced access control software, Eliminating the friction associated with traditional software and hardware integrations.

Axis Powered by GenetecIn addition, the devices of the Axis Powered by Genetec program have the Continuous delivery of product and firmware enhancements, New features and important cybersecurity updates, All this through both companies.

New architecture brings door controls together with Synergis via camera application platform Axis Camera Application Platform (Acap) to enable real-time monitoring of events and alarms, as well as access management and comprehensive reporting.

Open Platform Solution Expands Genetec's Non-Proprietary Systems Ecosystem, while providing customers with more flexibility to scale as their physical security needs evolve.

As you point out Fredrik Nilsson, Vp. of Axis for America, "The new Axis Powered by Genetec solution truly integrates best-in-class hardware and software, Improving installation and maintenance, while enhancing cybersecurity. This long-standing and trusted partnership with Genetec means integrators and end users can deliver continuous innovation., quality and value for a wide range of physical access control needs".

In this sense, Morin adds that "harnessing the computing power of the device itself will become essential in the architecture of modern systems.. As we reach the limits of Moore's Law, Initiatives that distribute processing load across hybrid device/core structures- container-based will increase the computing power available for complex applications. Axis Powered by Genetec is at the forefront of this innovation and ushers in others."

Genetec to introduce Powered by Genetec in a wide range of peripheral devices soon. In addition, This proposal will be presented during the participation of both companies in ISC West 2023, that will take place in the 29 To 31 March in Las Vegas (Us.).

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