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The new solution, designed for medium- and large-sized organizations with multiple locations, can be used with third-party software.

Axis a1601 and genetec

Security companies Axis And Genetec announced the integration of the first A1601 access controller into the second, aims to provide an advanced access management and open architecture solution, based on IP technology, for medium- and large-sized company with multiple locations.

This integration with Security Center Synergis expands Axis' joint offering for physical access controls with a more accurate and advanced system, whose result is that administrators can now manage all access controllers both offline and online.

Genetec security center synergisAxis A1601 Network Door Controller uses this manufacturer's open platform and is specifically designed for use with third-party software chosen by an organization, as it is compatible with Onvif Profile A and C and is powered by PoE+, with integrated and optimized consumption management, to offer great flexibility and performance.

The system can store with maximum reliability up to 70.000 credentials on the same device, allowing you to run in offline mode. Supports large databases and complex software, and can manage advanced access control solutions and integrate with other video surveillance systems, intrusion detection, schedule control, Etc.

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By • 6 May, 2019
• Section: Deep down, Access control, Business, Services