Dallmeier Panomera FIFA

Eligible to meet the new safety guidelines of the FIFA In stadiums, emphasizing the widest possible video coverage of large areas, Dallmeier explains how its multifocal sensor cameras Panomera meet these requirements.

The new FIFA Security Guidelines They highlight in particular the possibility of high-resolution zooming in on past events to support incident clarification. From the German manufacturer Dallmeier, whose Patented multifocal sensor technology It is used in the 70% of the Premier League stadiums and in the 50% of the Bundesliga (more details on Digital AV), explain the advantages of their systems.

Dallmeier Panomera FIFA

Specifically,, with multifocal sensor technology Panomera, Stadium operators can carry out any zoom number in all relevant areas of the stadium with a resolution admitted in court.. For forensic analysis it is especially important that this is possible, both live and in the recording.

Although in recent years security measures have been increased in stadiums and sports venues, it is now when FIFA has published New guidelines that emphasize the importance of stadiums having Advanced video security systems, that can monitor large areas of the venue and zoom in on past events to help resolve incidents.

Dallmeier at Gazprom Arena St. Petersburg"This is where the Panomera cameras come into play," they stress from Dallmeier.. Our advanced camera systems use unique, patented technology to monitor large areas with high resolution, No loss of detail with multifocal sensor technology".

Thanks to this technology, Stadium security can react quickly to incidents and Monitor vulnerable areas in real time, as it combines maximum overview with high detail resolution, both in live surveillance and in playback.

One of the main advantages of Panomera cameras is Easy to use, allowing security personnel to manage these large and crowded spaces more effectively, since very few operators are required for its handling.

Dallmeier PanomeraThe simple interface of these devices allows operators to quickly switch between different camera positions and viewing angles, which facilitates a faster and more accurate response to any incident that may occur in the stadium.

Another benefit offered by Panomera technology is a Low total cost of ownership, since fewer cameras are required to achieve coverage than in the case of traditional video security systems, which reduces not only the cost of cameras, but of wiring, Network equipment and storage of surveillance infrastructure.

Panomera technology also provides a better overview of all supporters in the stadium and effective control of high-risk areas., as the entrance, The fan areas considered 'ultra fan' and on the perimeter of the enclosure.

These cameras offer high resolution and a clear view of every detail, exactly as required by operators or stadium authorities, so they can know and see if something strange happens and take immediate action..

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By • 18 Aug, 2023
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