Dallmeier Panomera in Sun City

For an area of more than 16.000 square meters, Only three cameras needed Panomera S8 Ultraline Dallmeier. By using these devices equipped with multifocal sensors and SeMSy software, Visitor safety can be managed easily.

The legendary Wave Pool in the Valley of Waves Its main attraction is the water park of Sun City. Here, Visitors find their place in the sun, with waves two meters high rising every 90 Seconds. But, where there is a lot of light, There are also shadows that manifest themselves in the form of thefts and occasional accidents of bathers.. With a solution of Dallmeier, Sun City Resort has been able to enhance the customer experience.

Given the size of the resort, monitoring the movements of all residents and single-day visitors to the Valley of Waves is a mammoth task. And, as in any amusement park, It is inevitable that the resort will take responsibility for the actions of the users.

When using the cameras of Panomera multifocal sensors of Dallmeier and its video management software SeMSy, The operators have managed to effectively manage their commitment to the safety of all visitors to the valley. In the event of an accident, The company can also access easily assessable video documentation. This makes it possible to meticulously reconstruct the causes of the accident and take appropriate measures..

Dallmeier Panomera S in Sun City

Not sunbathing under a camera

The challenge was to reconcile the safety interests of visitors and the desire to improve customer service with the expectations of a worry-free beach stay..

Of course, There are signs that indicate the existence of video security, But visitors are unlikely to want to be constantly subjected to the presence of cameras..

"This was also for us the classic paradox of many security solutions.: How can you control an entire beach area in such a way, that visitors are protected in the best possible way, but without them feeling disturbed?", Explains Hendrik Strauss, Sun City resort security manager. "We were clear quickly, that deciding on the right technology would play a central role in this initial situation.”.

Dallmeier Panomera in Sun City

Three systems for more than 16.000 m2

Under these conditions, and after extensive testing, Conventional camera technology was scrapped: or the images were not detailed enough, or the operator would have had to 'plague' the terrain with a multitude of cameras.

At last, the surveillance department opted for Regensburg Panomera multifocal sensor technology (Germany).

"These cameras solve the optical dilemma of decreasing resolution at depth or distance., combining multiple sensors with lenses of different focal lengths", this is how Johnathan Rider explains technology, CCTV Technician de Sun International. "This way, Systems provide a consistent high-resolution image of the entire object space, including areas in the background of the image.

For the entire surface area of more than 16.000 square meters, the operating company only needs three Panomera S8 Ultraline. In the end, Traders are looking at a single complete picture; with regular 4K cameras, Be 20-24 Individual images.

Dallmeier Panomera in Sun City

Maximum overview and detailed recording

Images from these individual cameras are 'stitched' by software into a complete image, I mean, Eight individual images are combined to form a single overall image.

Like this, The operator always has a complete overview during live observation, Viewing the entire terrain on just three monitors. If necessary, Any framing of the overall image can be marked with the mouse and opened in an additional window. In these detail views, Operators can zoom in and identify and track details accurately.

What makes it special is that you can open any number of these detail views at the same time and that this feature is not only available in live operation., but also in the recording. With this, Sun City's security experts have an extremely powerful tool, For example, to investigate crimes or determine the exact causes of an accident.

Clear beach, dark forest

Another advantage of the technology used: with eight individual sensors available for each image, The problem of large differences in luminosity are solved. Each of the sensors only has to adjust to the differences in luminosity right in the image area for which it is responsible..

In the Valley of Waves, The contrasts could not be greater: The land includes both, Clear sandy beaches and the surrounding rainforest; A great challenge for any imaging system.

"We have been using Dallmeier's standard camera technology as well as its SeMSy video and alarm management system inside the casino for years now.. We have a total of 1.200 cameras and we remain convinced of the quality of the systems", says Hendrik Strauss. "That's why, it was obvious to us to turn to Dallmeier also for the outdoor area. above all, Because there is no other camera technology on the market that meets our key requirements: Maximum improvement of the customer experience with minimum visibility."

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By • 1 Jun, 2023
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