Dallmeier casino control room

With the camera system Panomera W8 and the Hemisphere SeMsy platform of Dallmeier, casino operators can integrate, process and present data from different devices, improving both your security and business processes.

As a sponsor of the European Dealer Championship 2022, that will take place in the 16 To 18 May at the Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco), Dallmeier offers its camera solutions and recording systems, as well as the 'operating system for casinos' Hemisphere SeMSy.

The European Dealer Championship not only offers the best dealers the opportunity to prove their skills, but this event serves as a platform for companies in the sector to meet, network and exchange information on current technologies.

Dallmeier casino control roomFocused on your Hemisphere SeMSy open software platform, the manufacturer will show during the event how casino operators can manage the data of different systems through a central core, such as points of sale, slot machines, card shoes, RFID readers, access control and fire alarm systems, as well as data from the manufacturer's CAT board game analysis systems.

Thanks to this, custom user interfaces can be created, so that, For example, plant managers or security agents only see exactly the information they need for their specific task.

Seamless integration and linking of video data enables tracking, investigating and verifying events or alarms extremely efficiently. In combination with the 360° camera system Panomera W8, the search for a 'person of interest' in a standard scenario in the game room can be done in less than three minutes, instead of more than twenty, which is usually the norm with traditional PTZ technology in comparable scenarios.

Dallmeier Panomera WPanomera W8 works as a combination of overview and PTZ camera and allows convenient tracking of the wanted person. Once the incident is controlled, casino staff may collect, centrally store and share videos, notes, reports and other information about a particular incident through 'digital incident files'.

In addition, Dallmeier experts will explain in detail how casinos can meet the requirements of regulatory authorities for video security systems with fewer video devices. For example, few Panomera W8 models are sufficient to ensure the required redundancy in the gaming room if, For example, one of the two cameras on the table fails.

"Unlike classic PTZ cameras, Panomera W8 provides an overview of the broader contexts and, at the same time, opening one or more 'virtual PDCs' with just a click of the mouse. This means that far fewer camera systems are needed., with the corresponding positive effect on the total cost of ownership", Explains Ep Smit, Dallmeier casino expert.

Another advantage of these devices, compared to conventional PTZ cameras, adds Smit "is that casino operators can also use our Panomera W8 for numerous analytics applications, how to take better advantage of the gaming plant or offer a better experience and customer loyalty, for example".

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By • 6 May, 2022
• Section: Case studies, Access control, Systems control, Events, Business, Services, Video surveillance