2N IP verse 2.0

What's new 2N has included in the Verso IP video door station board 2.0 include a Full HD wide-angle camera, adaptive face zoom and a QR code reader.

2N You have updated the functionalities of your board IP Verse 2.0 to meet user access control needs.

Security updates include a Full HD wide-angle camera What, according to 2N's internal investigation, is already a requirement in more than 50 % of office projects. It provides crisp image quality even in very low light and in full colour until just a few minutes before total darkness (Unlike other cameras that switch to night mode and infrared illumination at dusk).

2N IP verse 2.0

In addition, 2N IP Verso camera 2.0 Supports function Wide Dynamic Range (Wdr), eliminates black silhouettes in backlit conditions.

The third functionality is Adaptive Face Zooming, Designed to improve building safety. It is a zoom on the face of the visitor that allows to identify the user more easily. Works on both the response monitor and smartphone. A specific advantage compared to other video door entry panels with wide-angle camera.

While wide-angle cameras offer a perfect overview of the entire input, The visitor can occupy a relatively small space in the frame, What makes facial recognition difficult. Another of the security improvements of the 2N IP Verso 2.0 is its new anodized aluminum structure. This makes the board stronger and more resistant to vandalism attempts..

As far as access control flexibility is concerned,, now 2N IP Verso board 2.0 Supports up to five different login credentials: QR codes (as well as RFID cards, PIN codes, Fingerprint and Bluetooth).

QR codes are becoming an increasingly common option because they are easy to send via email and are ideal for one-time or limited-time access., such as courier companies or service providers.

The new features of IP Verso 2.0 are possible thanks to the power of the new processor Artpec-7, A chip developed by Axis Communications, 2N's parent company.

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By • 29 Jun, 2023
• Section: Access control, Detection