Axis Cloud ConnectThe open Cloud Connect platform from Axis Communications Offers managed services to support the management of manufacturer systems and devices, as well as the provision of video and data.

The video surveillance market is increasingly using cloud connectivity, Driven by the need for remote access, Data-Driven Insights and Scalability.

This is stated in the latest report Cloud trends in video surveillance Analyst Novaira Insights, that situates the Annual Growth of Cloud-Connected Video Surveillance Cameras In a 80% in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

This trend is currently leading to the implementation of Hybrid Security Solutions, A combination of cloud and on-premises infrastructure, Using Smart Edge Devices as Generators of Valuable Data.

The new Cloud Connect platform enables seamless integration of Axis devices and partner applications with a Managed Services Selection. To keep systems up-to-date and ensure consistent performance and with cybersecurity, This manufacturer assumes the additional responsibility for lodge, Provide and execute digital servicess to ensure availability and reliability.

Axis Cloud Connect Camera StationManaged services allow for a Secure Remote Access to Live Video Operations and improved device management, with automated updates throughout the lifecycle. It also offers user and access control for easy and secure management of user rights and permissions.

With more than fifteen years of experience in the use of cloud connectivity and one million connected cameras installed, Axis is introducing the latest generation of cloud technology on a larger scale.

Specifically,, Axis Camera Station It will offer additional cloud-based services that customers can benefit from capabilities for efficient video operations, User & Device Management, all on the open Cloud Connect platform, in addition to enabling selected partners to develop cloud-based solutions and respond to the needs of end customers.

"Cloud Connect is a continuation of our commitment to delivering secure solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers," said Johan Paulsson, CTO of Axis-. This offering combines the benefits of a hybrid cloud architecture with our analytics expertise, Use of Images and Cybersecurity, all managed by our team of experts, in order to reduce friction for our customers".

This open cloud platform, flexible and scalable allows customers to integrate Axis products with any system, regardless of its complexity. Harnessing the Edge Systems, On-premises and in the cloud, Cloud Connect is suitable for both traditional and more modern architectures.

Considering the critical importance of data security, Cloud Connect, along with Axis devices, "It's built with the implementation of robust security measures, with our expertise in cybersecurity and data privacy to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations".

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By • 22 Apr, 2024
• Section: Systems control, Business, Computer security, Services, Video surveillance