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Axis and 2N in Aisle 24

These self-service without cashier, Open 24 Hours, They have a comprehensive security solution based on video surveillance technology Axis and intercoms 2N.

Insulate 24 protects your convenience stores, open all over Canada, with cameras Axis, And Mini speakers E Intercoms of 2N.

The concept behind these high-tech, cashier-free markets is to give shoppers a simple way to buy groceries and last-minute items near their home and workplace..

“These are hyperlocal urban grocery stores”, Explains John Douang, co-founder and CEO of Aisle 24. “They are accessible to anyone who has an account with us and have become a very popular service in luxury residential buildings and universities.”.

Customers download an Aisle mobile app 24 and register as members, linking your credit card and a photo to your account. They can then use the app to get access rights to the store.. Once inside, can navigate, Load your cart and then do the self-checkout at the check-in kiosk.

Axis and 2N in Aisle 24

Access control

Axis and 2N in Aisle 24Since Aisle stores 24 are ATMLESS operations, The corporation has paid special attention to creating a safe environment for buyers.

They hired Smart Installs, a systems integrator and Axis partner, to design an automated security infrastructure that could adapt to the footprint of individual stores.

The solution integrates a combination of Axis surveillance camera technologies and 2N intercoms and mini speakers.

“We chose Axis technology because it is based on an open platform, allowing for a lot of third-party integration”, Says Ken Oki, CEO of Smart Installs. “That was important to Aisle. 24, as it provides a wider range of options for both current and future customization”.

Because community format stores have street-level access and anyone with an Aisle membership 24 can enter, Smart Installs implemented a double door system with locking for added security.

Axis and 2N in Aisle 24Once the customer passes through the door, which is controlled by an intercom 2N IP verse, You are held in a vestibule until that door closes.. A second 2N intercom opens the interior door of the store.

However, Aisle's resident format stores 24 They only have a single-door locking configuration, as they are located within secure complexes and are only accessible to residents of that property.

“We want the customer experience to be as natural and safe as possible”, explains Ken Oki. “When approaching the store, just press the access icon of the phone app and the 2N intercom, Bluetooth-enabled, Unlock the exterior door. Upon entering the lobby, Second intercom displays 'Wait’ (Wait) until the outer door closes and locks. Later, Internal intercom displays the message 'Unlocked’ (Unlocked) and you can enter the store. Don't touch intercoms”.

Once inside the store, Customers are recorded with a M-line camera network axis, Oriented to monitor your movement through the store and payment kiosk.

Axis and 2N in Aisle 24On leaving, A modular pinhole camera Axis P-line Discreetly captures a close-up of his face.

The images can be used in conjunction with Aisle's point-of-sale and AI analytics records 24 to help franchise owners investigate inventory losses and reconcile any discrepancies with customer purchases.

According to the business model without the presence of personnel, the security system also allows the store to be replenished without a cashier thanks to the ability of the 2N intercom to also accept PIN codes.

Insulate 24 issues its product suppliers unique PIN codes to open stores so they can restock store shelves without the franchise owner having to be on the premises.

To support popular third-party shopping services, Insulate 24 You can also dynamically issue time-based temporary PIN codes, to get customers to a specific store.

"The partnership with Axis gives us a wide range of products to automate and personalize our cashierless stores.. Because they are built on an open platform, We can integrate new capabilities as needed to support our ambitious growth plans.", Explains John Douang, co-founder and CEO of Aisle 24.

Aisle's security systems 24 connect to a cloud video management system that analyzes data from Axis cameras, 2N intercoms and point-of-sale cash registers to give franchise owners strategic business intelligence that can help them reduce losses, Analyze sales, Adjust the product mix, Reconciling inventory and improving marketing.

“We have also equipped our stores with Axis mini speakers to be able to listen to music and improve the customer experience.”, adds John Douang. “It brings an atmosphere and has proven to increase product sales”.

Axis and 2N in Aisle 24

Ready for the future

Having an open platform framework gives Aisle 24 the ability to continue adding new features to the security system that can improve operations.

It also provides the flexibility to apply existing security features in new ways.. For example, a Douang uses the people counting function of the cameras and the Vms to manage the number of shoppers allowed in the store at the same time if local ordinances set occupancy limits.

Currently, Insulate 24 uses intercoms to communicate visually with buyers and plans to include verbal instructions through shoppers..

Since the mini speakers also support two-way communication, Insulate 24 is considering implementing real-time communication between customers and franchise operators.

Axis and 2N in Aisle 24

Currently, This chain has near 20 locations in Ontario and Quebec, with plans to open at least 40 more shops in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax before the end of the year. While concentrated in Canada, Douang says the company has set itself the goal of expanding into the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia.

“Axis security solution offers customers a quick and effortless way to enter our stores, Collect fresh and prepared food, beverages, Personal care products and other popular items and go on your way”, Douang says. “Given today's busy lifestyle, People appreciate having that kind of comfort in their neighborhood or in the same building they live in.”.

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