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Sicur 2022 2N

After landing in Spain two years ago, 2N has come to Sicur 2022 to strengthen your brand awareness. Julio Castillo, Director of Business Development for Iberia, explains the evolution and strategy of the company in this national market.

Julio Castillo, Director of Business Development at 2N IberiaThe presence of 2N Telekomunikace in Spain it goes back two years and this is the first time he goes to the International Security Exhibition with its own stand. With your assistance to Ifema Madrid, the company seeks greater brand recognition, the opportunity to show the differential aspects of its offer and expand its client portfolio, which focuses mainly on the corporate market.

Julio Castillo, Director of Business Development of 2N Spain and Portugal, explains its positioning in the market, their strategy and where they have their sights set between now and the near future.

2N is a company of Czech origin, with a history dating back more than three decades. In the 2016 became part of Axis and two years ago he settled in Spain. Its activity focuses on the market of intercoms and IP access control systems.

2N IP StyleIts distribution channel revolves around three segments: Security, through ADI Global; IT, From Masscom; and Electrical. In the latter they are beginning to enter the luxury residential market.

"We are a small multinational we operate independently of Axis. We have our own manufacturing, distribution channel and sales force, although it is true that we make use of their resources for some issues such as training or product exhibition. At a global level, the staff is made up of 400 people but here we are only two and we want to incorporate two more people during this year".

Its activity focuses mainly on the corporate market and, more specifically, in the medium and large account. Currently, have a portfolio of 500-600 active customers and their sights are set on achieving this year the 700. In addition, want to achieve greater diversification since the core of their business is in Madrid.

Sicur 2022 2N

"Our goals are focused on growth, in increasing human resources, double the client portfolio and achieve the same in terms of turnover. If in 2021 we got the million euros, we would like to reach two million this year, but I don't know if it will be possible. Since the acquisition by Axis five years ago we have increased our presence in the market but we are still a company to discover, with satisfied customers repeating. We want to be number one in the intercom segment.".

Your presence in Sicur 2022 is a challenge for the company since it is the first time they come with their own stand.

"In the last edition we went hand in hand with Genetec but this year we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to the Spanish market. We seek recognition, let the channel know who we are, what we do, what are our products and what are our differential features; in short we want brand awareness".

Sicur 2022 2N

As far as your solution catalog is concerned, its offer focuses on intercom and IP access control solutions. The differential aspects of their products are focused on the fact that they are scalable and completely IP. In addition, can be integrated with other solutions and manufacturers, managing to provide a wider range of possibilities.

"However,, the biggest differential element is the return on investment towards the customer. They are lasting and enduring solutions. 2N allows you to migrate your products within the infrastructure and evolve with it".

To Sicur 2022 have come with a complete battery of solutions and where the intercom stands out IP Style, which is characterized by being the first in the 2N range to incorporate the Axis Artpec-7 chip, in addition to incorporating a Full HD camera and WaveKey technology. In addition, the launch of the model has been advanced IP Verse 2.0. Also noteworthy are the new mobility credentials, that as Julio Castillo highlights, are free. "Little by little we are completing our solutions for a better response to customer needs".

"In short., we can say that 2N has arrived at a good time, since competitors who previously occupied our position are losing presence or interest and the space they have left us makes us shine even more", concludes Julio Castillo.

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