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The new offer of Axis is integrated by the hanging models C1510 and C1511 Network Pendant Speaker, that improve security and customer experience; and the outdoor C1610-VE Network Sound Projector, that offers a natural sound.

Axis C1511Axis Communications has unveiled three new speakers that have extensive features and guarantee customer satisfaction not only for its avant-garde design, but for its advanced technology that allows them to have the necessary security and flexibility in installation, Being all-in-one systems.

The new models of the audio catalog of Axis are the hanging speakers C1510 and C1511 Network Pendant Speaker and outdoor C1610-VE Network Sound Projector.

The latter is a robust device, which is presented as an alternative to the exponential speaker, provided that appearance or accessibility is a determining factor. Features more natural sound quality, so that messages are always clear and understandable.

Axis C1610-VEFeatures built-in audio management software for scheduling, Zoning and prioritization. Relies on open standards for easy integration with VoIP telephony, Video Management Systems and Analytics. In addition, Connects to your standard network for a flexible solution, Scalable and economical.

Also, Features extensive smart features, I/O ports that enable integration with systems and devices such as PIR sensors, bellboy, strobe lights, among others. It also has a built-in microphone that allows two-way audio communication.. Remote status tests guarantee users that the system works and the integrated Led provides visual confirmation of the status.

Easy to install and suitable for -40 To +55 ℃, can be mounted on walls, ceilings or poles where appearance is as important as sound quality.


  • Sleek, vandal-proof design.
  • Outdoor-friendly all-in-one speaker system, Ceilings, walls or posts.
  • Connecting to the standard network.
  • Easy installation with PoE.
  • Remote system health testing.

Axis C1510 and C1511

Axis C1510The C1510 and C1511 Network Pendant Speakers can be used to broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements or to play background music, with the aim of improving the customer experience and strengthening security. In addition, They are all-in-one equipment to communicate information by audio in a practical and simple way.

The new models are especially interesting for stores, shopping malls and other environments where aesthetics are valued, as they integrate discreetly into any environment. Pendant speakers can be installed on any ceiling, regardless of height, simply adjusting the cable length according to your needs.


  • Integrated audio management software with zoning features, Content source scheduling and prioritization.
  • System based on open standards, to easily integrate speakers with your VMS, with VoIP telephony (using SIP) and with analytics solutions from Axis and its partners.
  • I/O ports for integration with other systems and devices, as PIR sensors, Buttons and strobe lights.
  • Integrated and visible LED that provides status information. Ideal for different usage situations.
  • Connecting speakers to standard networks and using a single network cable for power and connectivity (power over Ethernet).
  • Remote health checks via built-in microphone.

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