Hanwha XNF-9013RV

The new model of the Wisenet X family of Hanwha It has many artificial intelligence features, These include the classification of objects and attributes, WiseStream III and Wisenet SoC 7.

Hanwha Techwin has launched a new camera Fisheye, of the range Wisenet X, equipped with iartificial intelligence. The model XNF-9013R It is a fisheye type equipment that includes detection and classification of objects, as well as high image quality functions, along with IK10 level vandalism resistance.

Accurate object detection and classification allows operators to identify people, Faces, license plates and types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses and bicycles. This offers greater situational and context awareness at an event. Irrelevant movements are ignored, like the leaves of trees, moving shadows and animals, which are often the cause of false alarms with standard motion detection technology. In this way, Operators can focus on responding to real incidents and emergencies.

The XNF-9013RV model has WiseStream III, the latest in compression technology from Hanwha Techwin. Applies a low compression rate to objects and people detected and tracked by artificial intelligence to maintain image quality, and a high compression rate to the rest of the scene. This saves network bandwidth, Storage and energy space, to make the video surveillance system more cost-effective and efficient for security professionals.

Improves network bandwidth consumption up to a 50% in the case of scenes with great activity and up to a 95% in scenes with little movement.

WiseNRII is a new camera enhancement that uses Artificial Intelligence to intelligently identify motion and reduce blur in noisy and low-light environments.

Technology Preferred Shutter Use artificial intelligence to identify the appearance and movement of objects, Then readjust the value to the optimal level to reduce motion blur. So, Operators can clearly view images and events, despite the movement in an image.

This is complemented by the Extreme WDR that uses scene analysis and local contrast enhancement technology, to capture ultra-clear images, even in environments with strong backlight. In addition, advanced lens distortion correction is used.

The XNF-9013RV can be installed with a host of features to save installers time and costs. Fisheye lens eliminates the need to install multiple cameras to cover a specific area, further reducing installation time.

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By • 24 Jan, 2023
• Section: Video surveillance