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As more and more products appear on the market, Onvif becomes increasingly important for standardization, While the security sector is at an inflection point, As discussed below Hanwha Techwin.

If you work in the video security sector, Sooner or later you will come across the acronym OnvifOpen network video interface forum (Open Network Video Interface Forum). As more and more products appear on the market it becomes increasingly important for standardization..

We are at an interesting turning point for the sector, since the regulations of the U.S. export administration, that limit trade with some companies (as detailed in its List of entities), extend beyond this country and affect Onvif membership and compliance.

Onvif concept add onWhat is Onvif?

It is an industry forum that aims to facilitate the development and use of a Open and global standard For IP-based physical security products, which describes how those products can communicate with each other, based on different Onvif profiles.

Standardization is necessary to help installers and end users take advantage of the enormous possibilities offered by IP-based security solutions, Easily integrating products from different vendors into a single solution. Offers the freedom to choose the right combination of products for specific applications.

This is achieved by means of the so-called Onvif profiles, that help installers, End users and consultants to more easily identify Interoperable products that fit a specific need, such as video streaming or access control. That's why, if a customer complies with the Profile S (for video streaming), will work with a device that also meets that profile.

Onvif HitHub Platform

Current export compliance and restrictions

Onvif and profile symbols can only be used by this institution and its members to communicate a compatible product. It is essential to keep this in mind, as this forum recently suspended the affiliation of some manufacturers (due to U.S. Export Administration regulations. UU. about the ethical use of your technology) And this has long-term ramifications for those companies and the products they bring to market..

Although they can continue to ship products for compliance, Based on version of testing tools available to partners prior to suspension, once Onvif updates them, they will not be able to use them again. Your future products, therefore, will not be compatible with Onvif, What will impact the future and lifecycle of your devices.

In addition, lose access to exclusive information for partners (including the Onvig Partner Portal) and may not participate in Forum committees, such as profile development, Maintenance and other internal working groups.

Since most of the largest network video companies are among Onvif's partners, Suspended organizations will eventually miss out on valuable information, as well as long-term influence.

Onvif Profile Q

Benefits for end users

Seeking Onvif compliance means that the end user will benefit from the freedom to choose the best products for their needs without being 'tied' to a specific supplier.

Another advantage is the peace of mind of knowing that your system is future-proof and flexible enough to meet your changing needs and innovations., providing a safer long-term investment.

Benefits for installers

Working with Onvif-compatible brands and products allows installers to create flexible and cost-effective systems that have the best products for each case and project.

In this sense, You will not be limited to a specific brand, but you can rely on interoperability between different vendors. Installation and integration are easier between clients and devices in the same Onvif profile.

It is obvious why Onvif is fundamental to the development and growth of the video surveillance sector. With the wide variety of cameras and connected devices to choose from in the market, selecting those that comply with Onvif will help customize facilities to respond to specific needs, with confidence that the investment will be protected in the future. A product that does not comply with Onvif should be a red flag in the selection process.

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