Whitehill Bordon Axis NW Security Group

A complete video surveillance and connectivity solution based on Axis Communications, Installed by your partner NW Security Group, Offers a secure environment, Sustainable and connected in the regeneration of this city.

Protecting people, facilities and assets as part of the city of Whitehill & Bordon, in the English county of Hampshire, which has relied on a Axis Communications comprehensive system, deployed by your partner NW Security Group.

Whitehill Bordon Axis NW Security GroupThe project to create this Smart city Includes IP video cameras, Image analysis and people counting, Network speakers and connectivity components, with a solution designed from the ground up that has taken cybersecurity and sustainability into account, with energy-efficient systems and centralized, scalable management capabilities to keep pace with the city's evolution.

So he explains Chris Manning, Whitehill Project Manager & Bordon Regeneration: "We've had a unique opportunity to implement the right technology from the beginning.. Our goal has been to make Whitehill & Bordon an ideal place to live, Work and socialize; That's why we needed a connected security solution that offered high levels of protection., while helping drive a sustainability agenda and attracting residents and businesses to the city.".

As part of this comprehensive solution, a hundred Axis network cameras have been deployed, With PTZ devices with up to 4K resolution, With 30x optical zoom for easy real-time transmission and protection IP65 to withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as All-in-one IP speakers manufacturer's, Based on open standards for easy integration.

Whitehill Bordon Axis NW Security Group"The power of Axis cameras is such that our security agents can now cover an area of hundreds of meters in detail., even in the dark, which is really incredible.", stresses Manning.

For its part, Video image analytics and people counting provide business intelligence on the use of city facilities, while helping to keep people safe during the many events held.

The security solution deployed in Whitehill & Bordon "represents a long-term investment, with robust and resistant technology and components, combined with the ability to upgrade and add features as needed. This represents excellent value and supports a fifteen-year development plan.", point out those responsible.

As he adds Frank Crouwel, CEO of NW Security Group, "We opted for a c design that allows for custom configuration with Axis hardware at the core., Enhanced with third-party software. The approach of Open platform of this manufacturer made it possible, providing greater flexibility and supporting software integration, with regular updates to ensure the system is always online, while its connectivity allows a highly scalable that can grow as the city evolves".

for Nick Platt-Higgins, Axis UK Key Account Manager, the project carried out with NW Security Group and the city planning team "offers a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements, and shows the smart city capabilities of our solutions where, instead of being used just for security, are woven into the very structure of their development".

With a third of the development of the city center complete, The second stage will begin soon to cover more housing in the city and commercial and leisure facilities.

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By • 19 Dec, 2022
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