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Round1 Entertainment Hanwha Techwin

The solution deployed in this North American entertainment center is based on cameras Hanwha Techwin, with fisheye lens, together with the Wisenet Wave VMS to compress video and manage the bandwidth needed for long-term storage.

The North American Entertainment Center Round1 Bowling & Amusement, which has bowling alleys, arcade games, billiards, karaoke, ping pong, darts and other activities for all types of public, has improved the security of its visitors and goods against theft, internal and external, with technology that would allow them to deal with claims or litigation, in many cases false.

Round1 Entertainment Hanwha TechwinThat's why, its managers decided to increase the data retention requirements in their facilities to store images for two years and allow staff to review any incident to determine the validity of any claim against the company.

To help design a physical security system that meets the new retention requirements, Round1 has installed a remote storage solution, based on a NVR 124 Tb of Hanwha Techwin, that performs continuous backups to ensure data is safe.

the nvr from this security manufacturer is compatible with an external server, and the company has managed to place the total storage at 528 Tb, allowing them to meet the two-year retention requirement.

Liability protection requires capturing and storing high-resolution, wide-angle video. To achieve this, have been deployed 77 Cameras by Hanwha Techwin, including models XNV-6011 with fisheye lens and PNM-7000VD, to capture 360° views of key areas.

Round1 Entertainment Hanwha TechwinOne of the challenges in using fisheye lenses and two-head cameras is the size of the video files., as these types of cameras capture high-resolution 360° images that contain a lot of data and require a lot of bandwidth.

Finding the right VMS to compress video and manage bandwidth is crucial, especially when long-term storage is required, as in the case of this installation, what Hanwha is used for Wisenet Wave VMS.

In addition to using the technology of H-265 compression And WiseStream II to reduce the file size, This Hanwha system also uses motion detection to help reduce the amount of video captured by cameras..

"Wisenet Wave gives Round1 everything we need to meet our retention goals. From a trading perspective, the daily use of the cameras is far superior to anything else.", Explains Matthew Strawn, director of loss prevention at this facility.

Round1 Entertainment Hanwha TechwinIn addition, for this project, the sensitivity of the video cameras has been configured to optimize motion capture, so that flashing lights and other background elements do not activate the sensors.

"We haven't had any problems and the coverage has been excellent., no need for adjustments. The system fully meets our retention needs and we have migrated seven other Round1 centers to Wave.", strawn concludes.

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By • 1 Jun, 2022
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