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Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and cybersecurity are the main areas of technological development in which Axis is focusing its strategy to offer a comprehensive IP-based solution.

blankTo respond to the demands of the security market, Axis is focusing its efforts on offering comprehensive solutions and incorporating technologies such as artificial intelligence and video analytics into its products. Also, it is also bringing the IP world to the audio environment.

"Our goal has always been to shift the entire infrastructure to IP.. Until now the focus was on the cameras but now we are also focusing our efforts on bringing it to the audio environment. We don't want it to be an add-on.", Explains Alberto Alonso, Solutions Engineer Southern Europe from Axis Communications.

According to Alonso, the cameras have to have sound to "not be deaf guards and be able to go from passive to proactive surveillance".

Moreover, its classic line of products is being complemented by new equipment that has become increasingly demanded elements in certain sectors such as radars or body cameras.

The radars have incorporated them into their catalog of IP solutions as they provide intelligent detection, regardless of light or weather, and are ideal for preserving privacy. In addition, axis has incorporated into these equipment features that allow the information to be viewed in video mode.

For its part, body cameras have become one of the great novelties of this year in the portfolio of solutions of the company. The model W101 Body Worn offers improved image quality, with a sharp display in every frame, and clear audio with noise suppression. This computer is being displayed in the USEC Bilbao Congress 2022 which is being held this week at the Euskalduna Palace.


Integration in an IP world

Axis focuses its strategy on offering integral solutions that respond to the different needs of customers. "It's part of our DNA., but always attending to the standards to be able to optimize resources and improve efficiency", explains Alberto Alonso

Its wide range of products covers the field of video surveillance, intercom, access control and audio. All this having as a common element the IP technology. Also, its video surveillance cameras are paying increasing attention to analytics based on artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. This is encouraged as the company manufactures its own processor. (Artpec 8), that allows to offer new opportunities linked to analytical applications, based on deep learning at the edge.

"Hardware conditions performance and software capabilities. And cybersecurity depends on both. This combination is what allows us to provide a secure solution", Alonso adds.

In the software environment, the great novelty that they are presenting this year is Camera Station, an integrated video management tool that allows you to control cameras, Intercoms, audio and analytics. Solution with which they have also attended the Congress of Bilbao.

USEC Bilbao Congress

blankThis year the first edition of USEC Bilbao Congress is being held 2022 at the Euskalduna Palace. Axis is present with its own stand and also participates with a technical-operational talk by Verónica del Hoyo, Key Account Manager of the company, who will talk about how AI, video analysis, IP audio, radar or cybersecurity are challenges faced by security technologies and systems.

This new fair aspires to become a prominent event in the security sector along with other important ones that are already held in Madrid and Barcelona. To do this, will be held annually and this time will have the participation of companies and entities belonging to three thematic areas: Emergency, mobility and security.

USEC Bilbao Congress is aimed at executives in the security sector mainly, decision-makers and prescribers in your area.

In addition to coming with some of its latest features such as the W101 Body Worn camera and the Camera Station software, is showing improved applications aimed at strengthening the security of all types of facilities.

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By • 24 May, 2022
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