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Hanwha Techwin TID-600R

Video surveillance, access control and communication are the three functions offered by the intercom Hanwha TID-600R. A solution that incorporates a fisheye lens from 2 MP with a 180° horizontal field of view and WDR.

Hanwha Techwin TID-600RThe intercom Hanwha Techwin TID-600R combines the functionality of a high-quality camera with audio and analytics. Has multiple applications, from acting as a help point for consultations and emergencies, up to access control or fluid communication with a control room or reception.

Compatible con SIP, features a fisheye type lens 2 MP with a wide horizontal field of view of 180° (114° vertical), optimal low-light performance (infrared illumination allows you to see up to 5 Meters) and wide dynamic range (Wdr) for scenes with complex brightness. In addition, is NDAA Compliant.

This intercom is ideal for a wide selection of sectors, especially for medical care (where contactless access control is a priority), car parks and transport environments (improves visibility and communication) as well as office and residential locations (for a seamless check-in and check-out experience).

The product goes beyond a simple intercom system and offers surveillance functions that improve security, integration with leading VMS and NVRs, can serve as part of a broader access control and video surveillance configuration.

In addition to the intercom button, the TID-600R has a contactless call system that allows people to start a call in a simple way, raising your hand to the device.

Contactless entry and exit solutions are more relevant after COVID, reducing the risk of infection and the need for cleaning. The contactless option can be easily turned on and off via the intercom's intuitive user interface.

Visual and audio features

The camera installed on the intercom can also pass events to other cameras in a security system to increase protection. For example during the night or when a building is unattended. This feature can be used to move a PTZ camera and automatically point it at an input if the intercom camera detects someone in front of it..

Similarly, intelligent analytics, such as crossing lines, the prowl, object classification and other, can give more information to operators.

All camera images can be stored in a VMS or NVR for easy retrieval and post-event analysis. Added local storage available on the device itself via a Micro SD card slot.

This makes the TID-600R more flexible and useful than a traditional intercom, as it offers, additionally, automation and input data / exit

The intercom's built-in speaker and microphone deliver excellent call clarity with up to 85 dB of volume a 0,5 M, echo cancellation and noise reduction. Users can schedule audio messages to play automatically when a call is initiated or someone accesses the field of view.

Sound Classification Analysis (detection of glass break explosion of a screen and gunshots) offers additional situational awareness to operators.

SIP Compatibility 2.0

TiD-600R is fully SIP compliant 2.0, facilitating integration with existing VoIP systems.

When a person interacts with the intercom, multiple phones can be contacted in any location simultaneously via the VoIP system, so you will always receive a response. Can also be easily integrated with PBX servers.

Environmental protection

With an attractive metal housing in white or dark gray, the TID-600R is very robust and uses shock detection and tampering analysis and alarms to notify operators of any possible tampering..

Its IP65 and IK08 ratings and Nema 4X housings completely protect the device from dust, water and other potential environmental damage , extending the life and quality of the intercom. To adapt to the aesthetics of the building, is marketed with an extra range of brackets and other accessories (available for purchase separately).

Compatibility and security

This solution offers an open platform that can support locally stored third-party applications. Additional API support exists in the Hanwha Sunapi SDK and is compatible with ONVIF Profile S. In addition, can be used with the wisenet camera range with PoE extender, reducing the need for network cabling and additional LAN ports.

"The TID-600R intercom is the first product of its kind in Hanwha Techwin's portfolio to include our video analytics and camera technologies on the market to an intercom product.. We are pleased to be able to offer customers a broader solution that encompasses video surveillance, access control and communication, and benefits from Hanwha Techwin's extensive industry experience", comments Uri Guterman, Product and marketing director at Hanwha Techwin Europe.

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