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Synology Surveillance Station

The company has presented at the online event Synology 2022 and Beyond the new features of DSM 7.1, the version 9.0 of your Video Surveillance Station solution and WiFi router 6 RT6600ax.

Synology has unveiled at an online event its new developments for NAS devices and storage, and cloud solutions. In this way, are novelty Dsm 7.1, Surveillance Station 9.0, Srm 1.3 and different updates to C2 Backup applications, C2 Identity, C2 Password, C2 Storage and C2 Transfer.

The DSM version 7.1 that was presented at the event Synology 2022 and Beyond improves performance when sharing files, providing a more comfortable experience by introducing support for distributed file systems (DFS) and SMB (Server Message Block) multichannel.

Multi-site enterprises will be able to take advantage of C2 Storage's support for Hybrid Share to reduce bandwidth constraints and simplify collaborative work. Remote teams and workers will have complete control over their data, no matter your location, thanks to the unified Synology Drive file server and the new and redesigned mobile app.

A greater number of users and systems should not mean an increase in management costs for system administrators. To avoid it, Active Insight, the monitoring and troubleshooting service introduced with DSM 7.0, presents new functionalities.

Hyper Backup tasks for all devices can be monitored directly from Active Insight, ensuring that backups are always done automatically. In addition, detailed information about system updates and analysis of activity and access are displayed in the foreground for greater control.

Active Backup for Business completes the services offered by Synology with new bandwidth control capabilities and expanded client triggers and full support for deploying Virtual DSM in MailPlus.

In this way, IT teams have more tools to reduce operational complexities. Dsm 7.1 will also introduce support for full DSM backups, allowing you to configure new protection and restore formats for complete Synology devices.

Synology People Detection

Surveillance Station 9.0

Surveillance Station 9.0 it has a user interface that offers all the necessary tools to security professionals faster. New Monitor Center centralizes all relevant information sources with convenient playback controls and alerts.

Better integration allows efficient monitoring of even multi-site installations, providing security teams with accurate information and simple graphics that allow them to act immediately and in a coordinated manner.

New setup wizard makes it easy to incorporate cameras and surveillance devices. Thanks to the option to import and copy settings, hundreds of cameras can be installed in minutes.

The improvements of the Central Management System (Cms) include flexible device update options, simultaneous dual recording and HTTPS/SRTP support, so that all installations are totally safe and resistant.

Synology's New C2 Surveillance Service Will Allow Recordings to Be Stored in the C2 Cloud Simultaneously and Securely. The solution will ensure that recordings are always available, even after catastrophes or in the event of theft of the installed system.

All solutions can be used from the DVA1622 NVR, that makes it easier for small businesses or offices to access powerful Artificial Intelligence analytics tools, such as facial recognition or people counting. In combination with Surveillance Station 9.0, the NVR devices of the DVA range also acquire the ability to recognize the license plates of moving vehicles.

Synology RT6600ax

Multi-business wireless connection

Srm 1.3 and the Wi-Fi router 6 Synology RT6600ax deliver faster network connectivity and expand management capabilities. The first comes with VLAN support through an intuitive interface that allows compartmentalization and separation of the network for potentially insecure devices such as IoT sensors.

The RT6600ax triband router is one of the first to support the expanded spectrum of 5,9 Ghz, providing more space and facilitating the uninterrupted operation of 160 Mhz. The port of 2,5 GbE ensures uplink support and higher speed connectivity.

Almost all RSM management capabilities come to mobile through a redesigned DS router application. Create new wireless networks, setting up parental control or web filtering or setting traffic control schemes is simpler and only requires a few clicks.

Synology has also announced the advancement in the research and development of scale-out file servers to meet higher requirements., either in terms of capacity, service availability or management needs.

Synology Monitor Center

A secure cloud

Launched just a few months ago, C2 Backup, C2 Identity, C2 Password and C2 Transfer are autonomous services designed to easily and affordably solve specific challenges faced by IT teams.

C2 Backup simplifies backup of business information, even for those teams working remotely. Bare-metal backups, along with convenient file-level recovery via an intuitive portal, ensure fast and flexible protection of information.

C2 Identity replaces traditional directory services with a secure, low-latency, hybrid approach. C2 servers take care of the management, supported by SSO services and locally installed LDAP nodes for local servers and devices. Included Windows and macOS device management capabilities give administrators the tools they need to keep their computers secure.

C2 Password makes password management simple and accessible. The service is free for individual users.

C2 Transfer makes sharing sensitive files with external parties simple and secure. In addition to implementing identity validation, locally encrypts all files, ensuring that information never falls into the wrong hands, even if shared links are exposed.

Synology is constantly introducing new features to C2 services, maximizing convenience and scalability on demand without users needing to worry about maintenance.

Multiple data residency options (including a new data center in Taiwan, which has recently been added to existing ones in Frankfurt and Seattle) enable administrators to ensure the highest level of compliance with local data retention and protection laws. In 2022, Synology to Introduce C2 Object Storage Service for S3-Compatible Applications.

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