Synology DS423The latest addition to the Value series of Synology, DS423, Offers secure video surveillance and multi-purpose storage for small businesses and professionals working remotely.

The size and capacity of the new unit Synology DS423, which supports a maximum of 72 TB of raw storage, make it a versatile solution for small businesses or remote employees looking to consolidate data on a centralized platform and access to this manufacturer's data management applications..

Ivan Gento, marketing executive Iberia & Africa de Synology, "As a compact data storage solution, he says., DS423 includes everything users need: from backing up data and managing files and other media, to the configuration of a surveillance system to protect physical assets".

Now available in some countries and with a Four-year warranty, DS423 is based on the operating system Synology DiskStation Manager (Dsm) and includes intuitive features to organize and secure data, Collaborate between locations and Protect facilities with video surveillance.

DSM leverages Btrfs files from the manufacturer to provide automatic file recovery (Protection against data corruption) and create point-in-time snapshots (allowing users to revert any unintentional or malicious changes).

"With Synology Drive, DS423 users can manage, share, sync and access data via PC, Mac and mobile devices, wherever they are, Gento points out.. Companies with remote employees or geographically dispersed operations can use Drive ShareSync to synchronize data between our devices".

Users who want to reduce local bandwidth and storage usage can do so in the cloud Hybrid Share, that allows data to be stored in Synology C2 and do the same for files that are frequently accessed locally on one or more NAS systems of the manufacturer.

Synology Surveillance Station is a powerful video management system (Vms) which is currently used to protect more than 500.000 Sites around the world, with intuitive camera surveillance.

This VMS is Supports Onvif and more than 8.300 validated IP cameras, allowing users to select devices based on their local requirements and regulations. Users can Easily set up and manage up to thirty cameras with a modern and configurable interface.

Built-in features help encrypt, Back up and archive recordings, as well as to record the footage simultaneously in the cloud, by optionally using C2 Surveillance Station, A scalable solution suitable for deployments of all sizes, From small businesses with a few cameras to large-scale deployment with thousands of devices spread across hundreds of locations.

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By • 24 May, 2023
• Section: storage, Video surveillance