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Constitutional court

Spain's highest legal body, The Constitutional court you have deployed a Synology to securely store the vast amount of information and data it constantly manages and generates.

From the systems department of the Constitutional Court of Spain looking to improve storage efficiency with a new IT infrastructure, that would be scalable in the future and reduce the impact on data and storage consumption, also optimizing bandwidth, that has been achieved with the rack storage equipment of Synology.

This is explained by its product manager for Spain and Portugal, Clara Sauri: "the increasing digitalization of judicial processes and the implementation of remote work during the pandemic required the Constitutional Court to have a large storage and processing capacity. In addition, it was essential to offer maximum protection and security to prevent possible attacks and prevent data leakage or loss, that is why we have designed an installation adapted to all the needs of the institution that, at the same time, offers efficient storage, easy to use and cost-effective".

Equipment adapted to the needs

The New Storage Requirements of the Constitutional Court focused on the archiving of a greater volume of data related to judicial processes.. These include audiovisual materials and various documentation that must be accessible from administrative computers and virtual machines. In addition, greater retention and automation of backups was needed.

The institution had two existing facilities, one in the main headquarters and another reinforcement in an external location. Both are equipped with two units RS4017xs+, configured for backup using Active Backup for Business And Synology High Availability. In the first they also have a unit RS2414+ and a NAS DS2415+, with support Rsync at the external headquarters.

This infrastructure was expanded with three units RS4021xs+, two of them creating a cluster in high availability and a third RS4021xs+, hosted on the secondary CPD, connected via Rsync to perform automatic and unassisted restores of the backups of servers and computers of the judicial body.

Altogether, is offered 180 Tb disk storage HDD SATA synology and three adapter cards M2D20 for dual-slot SNVe M.2 SSD and SSD SNV3500 Synology, to maximize cache speed.

for Miguel Angel Izquierdo Martin, Head of the Computer Systems Area of the Constitutional Court, "Synology products offer us a reliable solution, Robust, powerful and easy to manage for our high-capacity storage system ,at a very affordable cost, to safeguard our critical data with backups and high availability".

Disaster-proof backups

Thanks to Synology equipment, the Constitutional Court has been able to renew its large-capacity storage system and cope with the growing demand for space it had, also reducing costs. They also have applications for the automation and management of backups, increasing data and file protection.

With Active Backup for Business backups of more than three hundred computers are performed and managed every two days, ensuring a custom retention policy for older versions. For greater protection, Rsync allows you to synchronize different NAS with each other in different locations, avoiding problems caused by possible disasters.

In addition, in the event of an active server hardware operational failure, passive equipment can start operating immediately, maintaining uninterrupted data access. The immediate protection mechanism Snapshot Replication provides near-instant data protection across shared and LUN data folders, that are replicated between the different NAS servers.

Synology solutions have enabled Constitutional Court system administrators to reduce it team workload, since backups have been automated, and are also monitored by mail notifications and notifications and reports of the status of the processes.

Transformation of the judicial system

Technology and digitalization have become fundamental pieces of today's society, especially in the wake of the pandemic and the health crisis. The process automation, remote access to systems and files, and data protection have become widespread and also reach the courts, already working to eliminate paper documents in the near future.

From the Constitutional Court it was decided to bet on the private cloud, automating backups and creating a scalable storage infrastructure to improve entity performance, adapting it to current priorities and realities.

"The infrastructure that has been designed equips the Constitutional Court to face with total guarantee the present and future challenges in terms of storage, data protection and backup," adds Sauri.. Synology teams ensure maximum processing power and agile remote and collaborative work, while its configuration allows to secure the files against any possible threat, physical or cybernetic".

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