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Synology event Madrid October 2022

What's new in the field of video surveillance Synology focus on series IP cameras 500, BC 500 and CT 500. Two teams of 5 MPs that incorporate AI to facilitate management in all types of infrastructures. Also, It has also presented a complete line of solutions for the management and protection of data in the cloud.

At an event held in Madrid, Synology has unveiled its new strategy and solutions for next year that seek to offer companies a platform that helps them solve IT challenges through hybrid clouding and an ecosystem of integrated solutions. With regard to the video surveillance environment, What's new is based on the Serial IP Cameras 500 and version enhancements 9 of your platform Surveillance Station.

Serial IP cameras 500 Synology will launch at the beginning of the year and will offer performance, Security & Integration, with all settings managed directly from Synology Surveillance Station.

Synology series 500

Edge AI capabilities and intrusion detection zones free up recording server resources to enable greater AI-powered deployments. For its part, Dedicated processing speeds up searches for people and vehicles anywhere in the video frame.

The cameras in the series 500, available in two models (BC 500 And Tc 500), incorporate sensors from 5 MP for wide-angle recording of 16:9 and 3K (2.880×1.620) To 30 Fps.

Cameras support PoE (Power over Ethernet) and they're weatherproof (IP67), which makes them can be installed both indoors or outdoors. In addition, are compatible with the American NAA/TAA standard.

Another novelty that fits into the environment of physical video surveillance is VisualStation V5750HD. A team designed for video surveillance and monitoring of up to 75 camera flows. Incorporates dual 4K HDMI output, H.264-H.265 compatibility and keyboard/mouse support.

Synology event Madrid October 2022

Hybrid cloud for added protection

Synology has also introduced hybrid cloud services Active Insight And C2 identity, that ensure automatic detection of infringements and misuse, while ensuring the protection of devices and credentials.

Active Insight is evolving to automatically prevent user anti-data protection activities.

New data loss prevention feature monitors actions taken, as logins, File access or creation of shared tasks, while comparing checksums for files that are uploaded or shared. When thresholds or rules are triggered, The system can send alerts or take actions such as disconnecting clients suspected of being infected by ransomware.

For its part, Synology C2 Identity Platform Continues to Grow to Combine Good Security Practices with Convenience. Next year, will incorporate several improvements to allow passwordless logins, both on local and online services and devices.

Integration with Windows Hello and Apple's Face ID/Touch ID will facilitate authentication on solution-managed endpoints. Employees using managed endpoints will be able to log in automatically to web services that support SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), with the option to enable two-factor authentication for more sensitive services, such as a company's ERP or CRM systems.

Synology event Madrid October 2022

Security in infrastructures

In this environment, three solutions have been released that guarantee security in the databases, make it easy to collaborate and share files, as well as storing large volumes of information.

The new Version 7.2 of the operating system DiskStation Manager will be available in early 2023 and is presented as the basis of the new versions of the collaboration tool Synology Drive and enterprise backup solutions.

The new update will incorporate full-volume encryption for added peace of mind. It will provide an improvement in the storage performance of the 48 %, compared to shared folder-based encryption.

It will also introduce folders with WORM type storage. These prevent the modification or deletion of data for a certain period. In this way, just like the new immutable backups in Hyper Backup, Any changes are avoided after their creation, helping protect data against ransomware and cyberthreats.

To collaborate and share files more easily, Synology Drive cloud solution will be upgraded. This keeps files safer when sharing them between computers by applying watermarks and download policies.

Remote wipe capabilities minimize the risks of file loss by synchronizing folders on both Windows and macOS systems. Automatic sign-in with AD credentials, as well as provisioning backup and synchronization tasks, facilitate mass deployment.

Synology Drive also ensures that files in use are not edited or overwritten. In addition, smb multichannel transfer support uses all available network connections between servers and clients to significantly increase the performance of smb file transfers.

File and object storage

New systems designed for file and object storage will also be launched over the next year.. Scale-out clusters will be faster than the company's current solutions.

First generation scale-out systems will support clusters up to 60 servers for more than 12 PB of efficient storage, more than 60 GB/s of sequential write performance and more than 80.000 Simultaneous connections. In addition, will offer more than 99,99 % of availability and support data protection sets Hyper Backup And Active Backup Synology.

Synology will launch in 2023 A new administration platform that will manage, together, Activate Backup and C2 Backup. It will aim to make possible an administration, Seamless deployment and monitoring of backup tasks across an organization's IT infrastructure, regardless of location or scale.

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